Shakespeare With A Southern Accent?

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival, located in Montgomery - Alabama's state capital - is the sixth largest Shakespeare festival in the world and attracts more than 300,000 annual visitors from all 50 states and over 60 countries. Upcoming Plays 2006-2007 To Kill a Mockingbird March 05 to Sun., July 23 Twelfth Night March 12 to Sun., July 23 Man of La Mancha April 09 to Sun., July 23 The Trojan Women May 28 to Sun., July 23 The Honky Tonk Angels August 06 to Sun., September 03 The Three Sisters August 13 to Sat., August 26 Crowns October 01 to Fri., November 10 Beauty and the Beast November 17 to Sat., December 23 James and the Giant Peach January 13 to Sat., February 10 Gees Bend January 19 to Sun., February 11 Henry 6 Part A February 23 to Thu., May 17 Death of a Salesman March 02 to Sat., April 07 Henry 6 Part B March 16 to Fri., June 08 Richard the Third April 13 to Sun., June 10 Thinking of You April 20 to Sun., May 20 Fair & Tender Ladies June 01 to Sun., June 24 Dr. Faustus June 22 to Sat., June 30 Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Alabama by clicking on the comments button.


Kayak Alaska

A Sea Kayaking Adventure is the perfect way to explore the coastal waters of Southeast Alaska. Glide silently along coastlines and gently though icebergs in harmony with the marine life that surrounds you. GLACIER BAY ESCAPE Explore the pristine West Arm of Glacier Bay, famous for its stunning scenery, glaciers and wilderness waters. This is a fun, active trip but less energetic than our eight-day Glacier Bay Expedition. 5 days. Alaska Discovery, a Mountain Travel Sobek company offers unparalleled adventure travel experiences of a lifetime! An Alaska vacation with Alaska Discovery will allow you to explore Alaska's most beautiful and pristine wildlands on an unforgettable adventure by sea kayaking, river rafting, canoeing or hiking. Choose from wilderness camping or lodge-based explorations. Discover the real Alaska with Alaska Discovery this summer! Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Alaska by clicking on the comments button.


Hike the Grand Canyon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Hike For Discovery is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's new adventure fundraising program that prepares people, from beginners to seasoned hikers, to experience a natural wonder in a special way. As a program participant, you'll receive everything you need to be ready for the experience of a lifetime. Five million people a year visit the Grand Canyon, but only a small fraction of them venture into it. Now you can hike the Grand Canyon and experience it from a unique and thrilling perspective. We'll train you and provide everything you'll need to make your adventure successful and fun! As you train, you'll raise funds to help the Society cure leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. More than 747,000 Americans are battling these blood cancers. Your participation in Hike For Discovery will bring them hope and support. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Arizona by clicking on the comments button.


Welcome to Heaven

Paradise can be found at the RiverWind Lodge, Arkansas' #1 log cabin resort, located high in the Ozark mountains on the Buffalo National River at Ponca. "Welcome to heaven," is the greeting you’ll most likely hear when you come through our door. And heaven on earth it is. Because of the beautiful, lush Ozark Mountain wilderness surrounding us, and the pristine Buffalo National River flowing through it. Heaven because of the many wonderful ways we can help you explore it. And, because of the luxurious, restful escape you’ll discover at Arkansas’ premier Ozark Mountain log cabin resort. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Arkansas by clicking on the comments button.


California Dreamin'

See my original list of the Things You Should Do in California -- Over 100 suggestions of exciting adventures. Add your own suggestions for Things You Should Do in California by clicking on the comments button.


How many of these beers have you tried?

The Brewers Association (BA) is announcing details for its 2006 Great American Beer Festival, September 28 – 30 at the Colorado Convention Center (at 14th Street and Stout Street) in Denver, Colorado. The 2006 edition will be the 25th installment of the nation’s premier, annual celebration of America’s breweries and rich brewing culture. The festival will feature 1600 of the nation’s best beers from over 380 American breweries. Once again, it will be the biggest selection of American beers ever gathered together in the United States. “The 25th anniversary of the GABF is truly a celebration of the creativity, excitement, flavor and diversity of American Beer,” says Charlie Papazian, GABF founder and president of the Brewers Association. “At our first festival in 1982 we had 20 brewers, and only three or four were microbrewers. We were really trying to draw attention to the traditions of flavor and diversity that were being lost, that were beginning to be recovered by microbrewers at the time. Today, the GABF and the number of craft beers made by America's small, traditional and independent brewers has grown beyond our biggest dreams.” The GABF is deemed the ultimate event for tasting the beer’s of the globe’s greatest brewing nation. “The Great American Beer Festival,” says Garrett Oliver, brewmaster for Brooklyn Brewing, “is the swirling, dynamic, luminous core of what is now the most exciting beer culture on the planet.” GABF visitors enjoy one-ounce beer samples from the fest’s breweries. These breweries are arranged on the festival floor by regions of the country, giving beer lovers a walking tour of the nation’s beer-blessed landscape. Many of the booths are staffed by the brewers themselves. Over 29,500 beer enthusiasts from Colorado, the US and around the world attended last year’s GABF. The 2006 GABF will cover 188,000 square feet in the newly renovated Colorado Convention Center. The GABF also hosts one of the world’s largest and most prestigious tasting competitions. Over 100 professional beer judges from the United States and abroad evaluate over 2,300 beers entered by more than 450 domestic breweries. Gold, silver and bronze medals in 69 beer-style categories will be awarded September 30 at the 1:30 p.m. awards ceremony held during the Special Connoisseur Tasting Session. This year, the GABF’s popular food & beer pairing seminars will feature an A-list of America’s brewers will join local and national celebrity chefs for demonstrations on how to cook with beer, and pair different styles of beer with various dishes. Last year, 2700 volunteers from around the world helped staff the GABF, and they put in over 40,000 hours of volunteer labor. The festival will also present live music by Colorado artists, beer education booths, and other attractions. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Colorado by clicking on the comments button.


Sing a Sea Shanty

Mystic Seaport - Celebrating 75 Years as America's Leading Maritime Museum A legendary maritime destination – for over 300 years. Long before Mystic Seaport’s ships, shops and shipyard, the banks of the Mystic River were filled with...ships, shops and shipyards. Since the 1600s, this historic area has been a center of shipbuilding. Between 1784 and 1919 – the golden age of American maritime enterprise – more than 600 vessels were constructed along the Mystic River. But with the advent of steam power and the decline of wooden shipbuilding after the Civil War, textile manufacturing became Mystic’s dominant industry. Big dreams during the Great Depression. As the great Age of Sail gave way to steamships and railroads, wooden ships and boats were turned into firewood and the nation’s seafaring traditions began to disappear, three Mystic residents decided to work together to keep the past alive. On December 29, 1929, Edward E. Bradley, an industrialist, Carl C. Cutler, a lawyer, and Dr. Charles K. Stillman, a physician, signed the papers incorporating the Marine Historical Association, today known as Mystic Seaport. Their dream: create a dynamic, educational institution to preserve America’s maritime culture – and turn the achievements of a past era into an inspirational force for the future. Time to get growing. Despite the economic conditions of the Great Depression, Mystic Seaport grew rapidly. Donations of log books, photography, ships plans and other maritime artifacts poured into the one-building museum. In 1941, Mystic Seaport acquired the Charles W. Morgan, the country’s last wooden whaleship from the once-great Yankee fleet. Historic buildings from across New England were also moved in to complement the Morgan – and the authentic coastal village area of Mystic Seaport was born. Over the next 50 years, Mystic Seaport experienced explosive growth, amassing the world’s largest collections of maritime photography (over 1 million images) and boats (nearly 500), as well as collecting two million other maritime artifacts. And the 1970s saw the creation of the Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard, additional exhibition buildings and several new accredited educational programs. Mystic Seaport reaches its goals. Then, sets new ones. By the 1990s, Mystic Seaport was widely recognized as the nation’s leading maritime museum. In 1996, Mystic Seaport underscored its mission to create a broad public understanding of the relationship of America and the sea with a six-week seminar entitled America and the Sea, which encouraged college professors from around the country to incorporate maritime history into their teachings. In 1998, Mystic Seaport began construction of the freedom schooner Amistad – marking a major educational program centered on the re-creation of an historic vessel from the keel up. In 2000, the Museum published its 70th publication, America and the Sea: A Maritime History, described by Kirkus Reviews as “the definitive work on the subject.” And in the summer of 2000, the dramatic exhibit Voyages: Stories of America and the Sea opened to national acclaim. Bringing hundreds of years of history into the future. Now, Mystic Seaport is making the history of America’s relationship with the sea even more accessible to all-new audiences. As part of a $35 million renovation that includes new exhibit halls and reception areas, the Museum’s new, state-of-the-art Collections Research Center provides easy and convenient ways for scholars and researchers from around the world to access Mystic Seaport’s renowned archives, via the Internet and integrated databases. It’s just one of many ways this showcase of the past two centuries is preparing for the next one. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Connecticut by clicking on the comments button.


Cloak and Dagger at the International Spy Museum

Hurry to the fabulous International Spy Museum before the Spy Treasures of Hollywood Highlights from the Danny Biederman Spy-Fi Collection is exterminated Special Engagement Ends June 30, 2006 James Bond’s Walther PPK handgun. Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone. Mrs. Peel’s trademark leather pants. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate our latest special exhibit and scrutinize these and over four dozen other objects now on display at the International Spy Museum. The exhibition Spy Treasures of Hollywood: Highlights from the Danny Biederman Spy-Fi Collection gives the visitor an intimate look at an amazing collection of movie and television spy props: what they are, who used them, and how spy fiction compares to spy fact. Internationally recognized pop spy fiction expert Danny Biederman has amassed a Spy-Fi collection that is the world’s largest, with over 4,000 artifacts from I Spy to Alias—and now you can see the very best of it in this evocative trip through spy fantasy. Special Items in the Exhibit Bond’s Walther PPK 7.65 mm Handgun A View To A Kill, 1985 James Bond makes ample use of his license to kill—since 1962, 007 has bumped off over 150 villains. This prop Walther PPK served Roger Moore to fend off Max Zorin, the fiendish product of a Nazi genetic experiment who sought to destroy Silicon Valley and corner the world’s microchip market. While real intelligence officers rarely use lethal force in the field, weaponry may be issued for self-defense and, occasionally, assassination. In World War II, a British Special Operations Executive hit team liquidated notorious Nazi General Reinhard Heydrich. Emma Peel’s Pants The Avengers, 1961 - 69, Britain; 1966-69, ABC-TV Emma Peel (Diana Rigg) was an irreverent, charming and combat-proficient amateur agent—and her tight-fitting leather pants caused a sensation in the 1960s. She was also ahead of her time as Cold War espionage was mostly a man’s world. While male officers ran spy operations around the globe, the few women in intelligence plugged away as secretaries, translators and, occasionally, “swallows”—honeytrapping foreigners in compromising situations. Espionage has come a long way since then. Today, women hold key positions in most Western intelligence agencies, and in 1991, Britain’s MI5 received its first female director. Maxwell Smart’s Shoe Phone Get Smart, 1965-69, NBC-TV; 1969-70, CBS-TV The best spy fails if he can’t communicate his intelligence quickly and securely to headquarters. The famous shoe phone, used by bumbling Agent Maxwell Smart to contact his agency CONTROL, thus represents a crucial component of the intelligence cycle. It also anticipated today’s cell phone by several decades. And during the Cold War, shoes actually served a “spy” purpose as intelligence services outfitted heels with bugs to eavesdrop on the bearer’s conversations. Check out a real shoe with heel transmitter in our main exhibition and compare it to Smart’s trademark gadget! James West’s Suit The Wild Wild West , 1965-69, CBS-TV U.S. Secret Service Agent Jim West donned this smart-looking bolero jacket to create the persona of a high-living East Coast gentleman. In fact, every good spy needs a convincing cover. Many intelligence officers operate under the cover of Embassy staff, but spies can assume many identities: businessmen, press correspondents, exchange students. In 1980, a CIA team entered Iran disguised as a Hollywood production team, and successfully exfiltrated six American diplomats who were hiding to evade capture from revolutionary students. Dr. Evil’s Ring Austin Powers, 1997, 1999, 2002 Dr. Evil, Dr. No, THRUSH, KAOS, or simply “the enemy”—no spy-fi production would be complete without the scheming evildoer and his henchmen. The megalomaniac villain was developed in the Cold War by scriptwriters who sought to avoid explicit references to the Soviet Union in order to prevent networks from becoming entangled in international relations. But with the Cold War framework gone, good villains are sometimes hard to find—in fact, Austin Powers had to travel back to the groovy ‘60s to cross swords with his arch-enemy, the ring-touting Dr. Evil. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Washington, DC by clicking on the comments button. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Washington, DC by clicking on the comments button.


Hoist the Sails

Welcome Aboard the Kalmar Nyckel! Today, you can experience what it must have been like in 1638 by sailing on a re-creation of the original vessel! Every trip on the Kalmar Nyckel is unique. The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation regularly invites the public onboard for deck tours and sailing experiences at ports along the Eastern Seaboard. The Kalmar Nyckel offers a wide array of sailing opportunities—from May through October—for up to 49 passengers, including three-hour sails, hour-and-a-half cruises and daylong transits from port to port. The Kalmar Nyckel can also comfortably accommodate up to 90 individuals for a deck-top dockside reception or special event. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Delaware by clicking on the comments button.



Fairways and Greens

The Doral name has long been associated with an elegant legacy of extraordinary golf and superlative service. Indeed, for almost a half century Doral has continually raised the bar on standards of resort excellence while maintaining the classic style and ambiance envisioned by its creators. Our ongoing commitment to quality ensures The Doral Golf Resort and Spa will continue to merit its place among the timeless, premier golf and spa resorts in the United States. Nestled in tropical Miami, Doral features 5 championship golf courses (host to the PGA Tour since 1962) and five restaurants. The Spa at Doral offers a range of high-end spa luxuries and facilities. The Blue Lagoon water park includes Camp Doral, with a full program for children. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Florida by clicking on the comments button.


Jazzy Georgia

Swing over to the Ritz Carlton Lodge Reynolds Plantation Greensboro, GA to hear Joe Gransden Joe's next dates at the Reynolds Plantation include June 2, June 16 & June 24, 2006. Check his schedule to find additional dates. A widening schedule has found Joe performing at The Jazz Corner in Hilton Head, South Carolina, The Museum of Art and Design in midtown Manhattan, and Tehema Golf Club in Carmel, California (where Joe recently played a party for Clint Eastwood). Joe's lastest cd "PLAYS AND SINGS" is a collection of Jazz favorites and originals by both Joe and his Father Robert Gransden. Joe is featured alongside jazz great Earl Klugh as well as a 15 piece string orchestra. Other special guests include Rene Marie, Jerry Weldon and Russell Gunn. Fellow musicians across the country hear a talented trumpet player whose ace in the hole is a well-developed voice. But around Atlanta and New York Joe is also a well-respected human being, a nice guy who treats people fairly. He has always managed to keep every aspect of his career and life in balance. In this tempestuous decade, Joe's lyricism is like a breath of fresh air.
Just 75 minutes east of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Georgia's Lake Oconee, The Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation draws on local history and culture as the foundation of the guest experience. Offering 99 holes of golf, a 26,000 square foot spa and lake activities, this luxury resort offers guests an unparalleled experience.
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America II challenged Dennis Connor of Star and Stripes in Fremantle, Australia in 1987. The first American 12 meter with the now famous winged keel, America II is one of the world's fastest racing hulls. Today she proudly sails from historic Lahaina Harbor, just minutes away from wherever you stay in Maui. The Pacific winds carry her over the incredibly blue Hawaiian water between the islands of Maui, Lanai and Molokai. This is one of the coolest tourist activities I've ever done! We were really moving! - the Irish Lass Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Hawaii by clicking on the comments button.


Sun Valley Serenade

Although a few professional skaters performed the principal acts, the first Sun Valley Ice Shows featured skaters who could barely make their way around the rink. Young people employed by Union Pacific to work at the resort in other capacities were given a costume, a pair of skates and instructions that were often as sketchy as, "just move around!" Guests were also engaged in the chorus numbers and their photos printed in the society pages of the local newspaper back home. Skating outside in the summer was as unique an experience then, as it is today. The ice surface, from 1937 to 1955, consisted of a small, 120' x 60' outdoor rink. In 1955, a larger, 180' x 90' outdoor rink replaced the small one and remains as the rink today. The skating shows grew as the rink expanded and they continued to expand. Guest and staff performances were eventually replaced by visiting and local skating students. By the late 1970's, the shows were comprised mainly of children, with one famous skater or skating pair a summer. Peggy Fleming, Tai and Randy, and Dorothy Hamill skated here in that era. Between 1980 and 1984, the number of high-profile skaters participating in the ice shows increased dramatically. "Suddenly we had quite a few big, big shows," remembers Rainer Kolb, Director of Recreation at Sun Valley. "Scott Hamilton came up every year when he was the World Champion. Kitty and Peter Carruthers, who were the U.S. Pair Champions for four years and Olympic silver medalists, skated here." All were amateurs at the time. "Then that group became professionals after the 1984 Olympics and we were dealing with agents instead of skaters, coaches and moms. But we were able to bring up the new amateurs and the pros came back year after year. They started networking with other pros, telling each other how much fun it was to skate in Sun Valley." The spectacular scenery and fresh, mountain air are some of the reasons that visitors and locals, amateurs and professionals enjoy skating here. "The top skaters love to perform in our shows because they love skating outdoors, looking up and seeing the stars," says Rainer Kolb. "It is low key here and they like to combine the work with time for vacation." Schedule Jozef Sabovčík June 10 Olympic Bronze Medallist 2x European Champion Margarita Drobiazko & Povilas Vanagas June 24 World Medallists 8x Lithuanian Champions Philippe Candeloro July 1 2x Olympic Bronze Medallist 2x French National Champion Evgeni Plushenko July 4 2006 Olympic Gold Medallist 2006 European Champion 2006 Russian Champion Rena Inoue & John Baldwin July 8 2006 United States Champions 2005 United States Silver Medallists Tanith Belbin & Benjamin Agosto July 15 2006 World Bronze Medallists 2006 Olympic Silver Medallists Xue Shen & Hongbo Zhao July 22 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalists 2x World Champions 7x Chinese National Champions TBA July 29 Alexei Yagudin August 5 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist 4 X World Champion 3 X European Champion Todd Eldredge August 12 World Champion 6x United States Champion Evan Lysacek August 19 2006 World Bronze Medallist 2006 United States Silver Medallist AND Sasha Cohen 2006 World Bronze Medallist 2006 Olympic Silver Medallist Irina Slutskaya August 26 2006 Olympic Bronze Medallists 2006 European Champion 2x World Champion Jamie Salé & David Pelletier September 2 2002 Olympic Gold Medallists World Champions Canadian Champions Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko September 9 2x World Professional Champions 2x American Open Champions Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Idaho by clicking on the comments button.


Eat Your Way Through Chicago

This favorite Chicago tradition offers cuisine from more than 70 restaurants, plus entertainment and activities for the entire family in Chicago's Grant Park. Next year's Taste of Chicago will take place June 29-July 8, 2007. In 1980 a group of restaurateurs approached the Mayor of Chicago with the idea of a food festival on the Fourth of July, and Taste of Chicago was born. Inspired by a “build it and they will come” attitude, a $150,000 budget, and confidence the event could attract 75,000 people, plans for the one-day food frenzy got under way. The festival was held in a three-block area of Michigan Avenue bordered by the Chicago River and the upscale stores and buildings that were then beginning to grace the Magnificent Mile; and between the architectural wonders of the Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower. It was a huge success, (250,000 attended the first “Taste,” and food and soda sales grossed $330,000) destined to change the way Chicago celebrates the Fourth of July. The Site Due to the overwhelming response from the people of Chicago, a larger space to accommodate even more people and restaurants was deemed necessary and in 1981, Taste of Chicago was moved to Grant Park (Chicago’s “front yard”). Grant Park is centrally located, easily accessible to public transportation and parking, and is identifiable to citizens and visitors as the center of the Grant Park Cultural community which includes the Art Institute, Adler Planetarium and Shedd Oceanarium, Field Museum, Cultural Center, Michigan Avenue and State Street Shopping. The use of Grant Park as a venue would also afford utilization of the Petrillo Music Shell, originally designed for us by the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra. This would handily give access to a stage, dressing rooms and showers for performers, as well as seating for 5000 people. Description of Taste of Chicago The Taste of Chicago that evolved from that steamy July 4th in 1980 is the second largest tourist attraction in Illinois. For ten days, this free- admission festival, now in its 24th year, is the place to be, infusing the city with a holiday spirit and attracting lead stories each day in newspapers and on television. It is an impressive scene. Colorfully decorated tents surround the outside kitchens of more than 70 restaurants from all over Chicagoland, which also includes a daily upscale restaurant serving in the Gourmet Pavilion. Exotic aromas permeate the air and no visitor leaves a food booth empty handed. Last year’s “Taste” attracted more than 3.5 million visitors from all over the city, the suburbs, the midwest and the country. In 1989, Mayor Richard M. Daley’s first year in office, the focus for Taste shifted to a family theme and the event became “America’s City Picnic.” In that spirit, many other attractions with family appeal were added. The Family Village presents special programs for kids, which involve audience participation, activities and musical entertainment. In 2003, a carousel was added to the Family Village. For kids of all ages, the Taste stage is programmed with all Chicago talent. A wide variety of musical styles include folk, blues, Latin, country and more. For festival goers who want to satisfy more than their appetites, a popular attraction is the Dominick’s Cooking Corner where local chefs and guest stars demonstrate their wares and confide the secrets of their culinary success. The delightful results are then shared with whomever in the audience can still find room for more to eat. Another area added to Taste in the 90’s is the Living Pavilion. Now festival goers can not only feed their stomachs, but also their souls, learning flower and gardening techniques, feng shei and massage therapy. But the star attraction of Taste, especially on July 3rd, is the line-up of big name, National and international stars who perform on the main stage at the Petrillo Music Shell. In 2003, several Grammy Award winning artists graced the stage including Erykah Badu, Elvis Costello, The Wallflowers, and Sheryl Crow. Chicago gets the early jump on Independence Day with a July 3 presentation of the Grant Park Orchestra performing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and other patriotic favorites to an amazing display of fireworks. The festival is ever evolving and in 2003, a new pavilion was added to highlight foods from other regions, Taste of the States. Summer in Chicago is built around one event each year, Taste of Chicago. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Illinois by clicking on the comments button.


The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

Here is the history of some of the most popular and enduring traditions of the “500,” written by Indianapolis Motor Speedway Historian Donald Davidson: 500 Festival Parade The 500 Festival Parade took place for the first time in 1957. It, and several other related activities, largely came about following a series of newspaper editorials by local columnists over a two- or three-year period, who had witnessed the several-day celebration in advance of the Kentucky Derby. “Back Home Again in Indiana” Although there are reports that “Indiana,” as the song was originally titled when published in 1917, was played by a trackside brass band as Hoosier driver Howdy Wilcox ran out his final laps on the way to winning the 1919 “500,” it was not until 1946 that it was sung on race morning. James Melton, of the New York Metropolitan Opera Company, was a collector of classic cars, and was at one time president of the Antique Automobile Club of America. He supplied several of the vehicles which participated in a race-morning lap of classic automobiles around the track in 1946, and approximately 45 minutes before the start of the race, he sang “Indiana” with the Purdue University band over the public address system. It was so well received that he was invited back the following year, and in 1948, it was decided to “move it up” to its current slot in the order of the day, just prior to the firing of the engines. Among Melton’s better-known successors have been Mel Tormé, Vic Damone, Dinah Shore, Ed Ames, Peter Marshall, Dennis Morgan and Johnny Desmond, with popular Jim Nabors having missed only a handful of years since 1972. Balloons Before the Start It is believed that 1947 was the first year for the release of multi-colored balloons on race morning and that it was Tony Hulman’s wife, Mary Fendrich Hulman, who made the suggestion. By 1950, the release had been timed to coincide, as it does to this day, with the final notes of “Back Home Again In Indiana.” Borg-Warner Trophy The Borg-Warner Trophy, one of the most recognizable trophies in all of sports, has been awarded to the winner of every Indianapolis 500-Mile Race since 1936. Crafted out of sterling silver by Spaulding-Gorham of Chicago, it was unveiled at a dinner in New York in February 1936, featuring bas-relief sculptures of every “500” winner up until that time. The new winner has been added every year since, and in 1986 (the trophy’s 50th anniversary), the final space became filled. The solution for 1987 was to add a base, but this too became filled, and in 2004, an even larger version replaced it, this one with enough spaces to last through 2034. The only sculptured face not of a winning driver is that of the late Speedway owner Tony Hulman, whose likeness, in gold, was placed on the base in 1987. The Greatest Spectacle in Racing It was on Race Day 1955 when the world heard this famous phrase for the first time. While made famous by Sid Collins, chief announcer for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network broadcast of the “500,” it was actually a young lady who coined it. Dating back into the mid-1920s, radio broadcasts of the “500” typically consisted of a few minutes of coverage of the start and the finish, with brief updates in between, aired every 15 or 30 minutes. When the track created its own network in 1952, this same format was continued. In 1953, however, history was made when the race was covered in its entirety, with no breaks at all except for commercials. When representatives of the skyrocketing number of subscribing stations were asked for comments and feedback, the most common request was that their engineers could be alerted to an impending commercial break by use of a standard “out cue.” The request was turned over to the sales staff of Indianapolis radio station WIBC, the network’s “flagship” station, and it was a female copywriter in her early 20s named Alice Greene who suggested the enduring classic, “Stay tuned to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” The Yard of Bricks The Yard of Bricks is another nostalgic link with the past. After the track’s original surface of crushed rock and tar was abandoned after only a few days of use in August 1909, it was replaced during that fall by 3.2 million street-paving bricks, trucked in by rail from the western part of the state. Approximately 90 percent were Culver Blocks, manufactured by the Wabash Valley Clay Company of Veedersburg (near the Illinois border), the remainder being supplied by other firms in the same general area. The bricks were laid on their side in a bed of sand, staggered in rows and separated by about 3/8th of an inch on either side so that mortar could be poured between them for strengthening. In the spring of 1936, patches of asphalt were applied to the rougher portions of the turns. Over the next couple of years, more and more asphalt was applied, so that by the time of the 1939 race, only about 650 yards of the main straight were still of bricks. This portion survived for another 22 years until October 1961, when it too was covered over, leaving exposed only 3 feet for the entire width of the track at the start/finish line. The entire 2½ miles has been resurfaced several times since then, with a fresh batch of the original bricks being inlaid at the start/finish line once the new surface has had time to harden. Winner’s Drink of Milk Three-time “500” winner Louis Meyer regularly drank buttermilk on a hot day, as his mother had told him it would refresh him, and he consumed some in Victory Lane as a matter of course after earning his third “500” victory in 1936. A dairy industry executive happened to see a photograph of this in the following day’s newspaper and, believing it to be regular milk, vowed to make sure this would be repeated in the coming years. Milk was part of the Victory Lane ceremony between 1937 and 1941 and then again in 1946, the first year after World War II, but disappeared between 1947 and 1955. The tradition was revived in 1956 and continues to this day. Winner’s Wreath Long used in Grand Prix racing, the winner’s wreath at Indianapolis appears to have debuted in 1960, when a wreath featuring several exotic-looking, dark-yellow and brown flowers was placed on the shoulders of Jim Rathmann. A garland of white and red carnations of the type normally associated with horse racing was placed around the shoulders of A. J. Foyt in 1961, and in 1962, Rodger Ward wore a wreath not too dissimilar from those seen today. Underwritten by Borg-Warner Corporation, the wreaths were the creation of William J. “Bill” Cronin, a longtime Indianapolis florist, who was at one time a floral consultant for the parades of the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl and the 500 Festival. He died in 1989. For most of the last 30 years, the wreath has featured 33 ivory-colored Cymbidium orchids with burgundy tips, plus 33 miniature checkered flags, intertwined with red, white and blue ribbons. Yellow Shirts From the time the Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909 until immediately after World War II, all events at the track were policed by the Indiana National Guard. Shortly after Tony Hulman purchased the track in November 1945, one of his right-hand men, Joseph Quinn of the Clabber Girl Baking Powder Company, set up a Board of Safety which sought input from all of the major law enforcement agencies. By 1948, the track’s own Safety Patrol had been established, featuring dark-blue uniforms and pith helmets, those of department heads painted gold, and the rank and file, silver. The long-sleeved shirts, made of wool, were extremely uncomfortable to wear, both on a hot day and when soaked with rain. In the early 1970s, some of the senior staff members switched on weekends to considerably more comfortable short-sleeved yellow shirts, while golden plastic “bump” or “batting” helmets replaced the pith helmets. By 1975, all of the blue uniforms had disappeared completely; baseball caps had replaced the bump helmets and the term “yellow shirt” had come into vogue. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Indiana by clicking on the comments button.


Build it and they will come ...

E X P E R I E N C E T H E M A G I C . . . People young and old from every comer of the globe believe in the "Field of Dreams" and its ambassadors, the "Ghost Players." The dream, began by the enormously successful Universal Pictures film "Field of Dreams," is alive today and more vivid than ever. The field itself remains a major American tourist site. Nestled within a Dyersville, Iowa cornfield, it is a destination visited by more than 800,000 people over the past fifteen years. The movie, based on W.P. Kinsella's book "Shoeless Joe" and released in 1989, was an Academy Award nominee for Best Picture of the Year. The field is open April through November from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. From Memorial Day until Labor Day, the hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. NO ADMISSION IS CHARGED. While at the Field, make sure you visit our souvenir store by third base and look over our unique gift items. The store's hours are the same as the Field's hours of operation. No trip to the ballpark would be complete without ice cream, popcorn, and a cold beverage. You can purchase all of these at Left & Center Field of Dreams. We also provide baseballs, bats, and gloves for your use at no charge. Baseball fans of all ages will agree that a visit to the "Field of Dreams" is about as close to heaven as you can get. This season, go down swinging at the world's most famous ballpark, the "Field of Dreams". For more information about the "Field of Dreams" or for year-round mail ordering, please call 1-800-443-8981 or 563-875-6012. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Iowa by clicking on the comments button.


Jazz Greats Live On

The sights and sounds of a uniquely American art form come alive at the American Jazz Museum. The Museum includes interactive exhibits and educational programs as well as the Blue Room, a working jazz club, and the Gem Theater, a modern 500-seat performing arts center. Located in the historic 18th and Vine District in Kansas City, Mo., this is the place where jazz masters such as Charlie Parker, Count Basie, Big Joe Turner, and hundreds of others defined the sounds of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Today, scholars, students, musicians, and fans are drawn here to learn about the legends, honor their legacy, or simply enjoy the best music America has to offer. For more information, call us at 816-474-8463. Celebrating the artistic, historical, and cultural contributions of jazz, the American Jazz Museum includes: Rare photos, album covers, memorabilia, and personal items telling the stories of jazz legends Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Charlie Parker More than 100 recordings of the greatest jazz ever played Studio 18th & Vine, where visitors experiment with harmony, melody, and rhythm Films and special collections honoring the impact of jazz on the American experience Special exhibits highlighting Kansas City’s unique contributions to jazz The Blue Room: Named after the famed 18th & Vine nightspot in the old Street Hotel, this working jazz club is open four nights a week and features the best local and national artists in an intimate, creative, smoke-free setting. The Gem Theater: Behind the restored 1912 façade is a modern 500-seat performing arts center. In addition to our annual "Jammin' at the Gem" jazz masters' concert series, the theater hosts many community events and theatre productions. The Changing Gallery: Four times a year, the American Jazz Museum presents special artistic exhibits inspired by jazz, baseball, and African-American life. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Kansas by clicking on the comments button.


Mint Juleps in May

Since the 1st running of the Kentucky Derby in 1875, the 40-acre Churchill Downs infield has been a gathering place to exercise the first rite of spring. Attracting folks from all over the country, the infield at Churchill Downs regularly becomes home to 80,000 fans for Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby days. For many, one visit to the infield is enough to last a lifetime (about all you may see of the races is a cloud of dust and a flash of silks); others come back year after year, graduating from the fun of their youthful college days to family picnics with the little ones. Whatever the activity, the infield revelry on Derby Day ranks as one of America's great parties. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Kentucky by clicking on the comments button.


Catch a Big One

A day on the water with Reel Peace is a day you won’t soon forget. Everyday is different; but a lot of them go like this: Our guests meet us on the docks at safe light (usually around 6AM). Our captain will discuss the plan for the day with you and point out all of the safety items. The boat ride out to the blue water affords time to drink some coffee and enjoy the beautiful wildlife and setting. If live bait fishing is on the agenda, we locate the bait, deploy the Sabiki rigs and fill the live bail wells. A short ride to the fishing grounds and our captain put the lines in the water. After you reel in your catch, our captains take care of the fish and reset the lines. Once the boxes are filled with fish and our guests’ arms are sore, pictures are usually taken and the ride back in is filled with laughter and stories reliving the moments. We arrive back at the dock late afternoon and the crew gets to work cleaning the fish while more pictures are taken and phone calls begin to relay the stories of the day. A short while later, fish are cleaned and bagged as our guests consider their options for the next trip. If you want to drink wine and eat cheese charter a big boat but if you want to catch big fish you can't beat Reel Peace Charters. We are the only offshore charter service in Venice that has more than two viable boats. Having seven boats on the water allows us to have daily feedback amongst our captains about fish patterns. If the fish are out there, we will find them and they sure are out there. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Louisiana by clicking on the comments button.


Avoid the Table by the Bait Shack Door

Welcome to Five Islands Lobster Co. We’re located on the wharf at Five Islands, a fishing village on the island of Georgetown, Maine. Five Islands is known as the “prettiest harbor in Maine”, and is truly one of the most picturesque spots anywhere on the coast. Our part of Georgetown sits on Sheepscot Bay as it opens up to the Gulf of Maine. The waters are some of the deepest and coldest on the coast which make for the most sought after lobsters anywhere. The wharf at Five Islands is a working wharf used by our local lobstermen. While you’re here you can watch them baiting their traps, selling their wares, or if you happen to be here in the evening, watch as a huge tuna is brought in. You can take your food to nearby Reid State Park, or sit at one of our picnic tables and take in the sights of the islands, lobster buoys and the open sea, and the sounds of the gulls and lobster boats pulling away from the dock. It’s everything you imagined the unspoiled coast of Maine would be and more. Bring a cooler and some friends, dining is as casual as Maine gets, and food’s great. We strive to provide great food that stands up to the experience of visiting Five Islands. Visit us once, you’ll become a “regular”. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Maine by clicking on the comments button.


Maryland-Virginia Saltwater Fishing

Information on fishing, boating, hunting, kayaking, computers and electronics. Topics include saltwater fishing along the Atlantic coast of Maryland, Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay. General information covers inshore, offshore and deep sea fishing. Visitors to the area can find charter boats, guides, bait and tackle shops, GPS coordinates, places to fish, marinas, accommodations and more. The heart of the site are the forums where local anglers can post questions and fishing reports. Fishing for tuna, billfish, shark, flounder, rockfish and other local fish are discussed on the site and in the forums. Reports and discussions often cover the Chesapeake Bay, Crisfield, Deal Island, Onancock, Saxis, Cape Charles, Kiptopeke, Deltaville, Reedville, Virginia Beach, Oyster, Quimby, Accommack, Wachapreague, Gargathy, Chincoteague, Greenbackville, Ocean City and other local areas. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Maryland by clicking on the comments button.


Have a Pint (or two) at The Black Rose

"Over the highways and byways the pilgrim goes aflame with the name of my small black rose." Extracted from the 17th century elegiac poem Roisin Dubh (the small black rose), this line written anonymously, rings no less resonant today when referring to Boston's premier Irish pub and restaurant. Voted one of America's top ten Irish establishments: The Black Rose established in 1976, is located in the historic Faneuil Hall-Quincy market area of Boston. It's known far and wide for its convivial atmosphere, good food and live Irish entertainment. The menu features honest made-from-scratch food including: traditional Irish fare, award winning clam chowder, fish and chips, native lobster, aged black angus cuts of beef and of course Mother Sweeney's corned beef, a recipe developed by Mother Sweeney himself. The Black Rose has offered live Irish music seven nights a week for 30 years. Memorable guests on stage have included members of the Chieftains, flutist James Galway, Tommy Makim, Liam Clancy, John Denver and a once relatively unknown member of an Irish rock group called U2. Contact Information: 160 State Street, Boston, MA 02109 Phone: (617) 742-2286 Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Massachusetts by clicking on the comments button.


Sip a Lemonade on the Porch at the Grand Hotel.

Welcome to America's Summer Place. There's no place quite like it, and the experience cannot be duplicated. Grand Hotel. Opened in 1887. On an island without cars, where horses and bicycles are still the favored modes of transportation. It's the slower, more leisurely pace of the past, but with all the amenities of the present. Where guests enjoy exceptional service and accommodations, and a full breakfast and five-course dinner are included daily. Readers of Travel + Leisure Family magazine voted Grand Hotel one of the best resorts for families, with plenty of activities for all. Plus, guests 11 years old and under stay and eat free. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Michigan by clicking on the comments button.


Go to a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Reunion

Here's a report from Mark Rosen, Sports Director and Anchor of WCCO in Minneapolis, Minnesota
You Can Go Home Again Apr 23, 2006 7:18 pm It's a safe assumption most of you have attended one or more of your high school reunions. I graduated from St. Louis Park High school in 1970 and have attended my 10, 20 and 30-year reunions. They were all special and weird in their own ways. This weekend, I was asked to host a different sort of reunion: the 50th reunion of the St. Louis Park Parkettes, one of the first high school dance lines in the state of Minnesota. If you watched the Vikings play football, especially in the late '60s and '70s at Met Stadium, you would remember the Parkettes as the "official" dance team of the Vikings, long before "professional cheerleaders" took over. Back in high school, most of these girls were the really "cool" girls. Guys like me didn't have the courage to speak to most of them, to say nothing of asking any of them out on a date. So here I was some 35 years later, at the podium of the Marriott Hotel in Minneapolis, facing a "roomful" of Parkettes. I've interviewed everyone from Sandy Koufax to Michael Jordan, but I was never as nervous as I was looking around the room and seeing my class of Parkettes staring back at me. It was great fun. I mean, I actually spoke to Andi Harris, the queen of the Parkettes in 1970, and in my speech said that moment was every bit a "Do You Believe in Miracles" as actually covering the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980. She said my comments earned her a lot of brownie points with her husband. I am very proud to have graduated from St. Louis Park, with some terrific classmates, including the amazing columnist and author Thomas Friedman. That pride came through loud and clear in the words and feelings of everyone in attendance at the Parkette reunion. For those three hours we all proved you can go home again. And for one night, I was the luckiest man in the world to be the chosen one to host their reunion. Now I can go on with the rest of my life.
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The Origin of Natchez' Pilgrimage One could say that The Natchez Spring Pilgrimage started by accident. Indeed, no person attending the 1931 State Garden Tour in Natchez had planned to go into any of the homes. However, for whatever reason—and there have been several proposed, most relating to the weather—it was suggested that maybe the guests would enjoy peeking inside the beautiful structures. Natchez Pilgrimage Tours helps you plan your vacation or get-away so you can enjoy your time in Natchez to the fullest. We'll show you the largest group of antebellum homes in the South. We'll make reservations to the bed and breakfast of your choice. We make business groups and tour groups welcome. We are the headquarters for the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage and Fall Pilgrimage, and we have tickets to all of the Pilgrimages' evening entertainment. Have some fun and get a real taste of Southern charm and hospitality right here in Natchez, Mississippi. Contact Natchez Pilgrimage Tours today, and we'll make your journey to Natchez one of the most pleasant trips you've ever taken. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Missippi by clicking on the comments button.


Honor Our Veterans

November 5-11, 2006 "Branson Doesn't Forget" America's largest Veterans Day celebration, "Veterans Homecoming," takes place in Branson, Missouri, November 5-11. This seven-day tribute includes many special events, many of which are free and all of which present patriotic salutes to veterans. Words are inadequate to describe the many moving moments as Branson entertainers and community members, young and old, pay tribute to America's heroes. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Missouri by clicking on the comments button.


Be a real American and go to a Rodeo on the 4th of July

Choteau, Montana 4th of July Celebration 4th of July Celebration, sponsored by the Choteau Chamber of Commerce and the City of Choteau, begins on July 3rd, including the Choteau Jaycees Art on the Green, featuring local crafters, artists and vendors displaying their merchandise in the City Park from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The Choteau Soroptimists Duck Races and Kids Carnival also take place in the City Park from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Games for kids, including the popular dunking booth, start at 11:00am and the Duck Races start at 1:00pm. Later in the evening is the Choteau Jaycees outdoor concert at the rodeo grounds. The Jaycees provide wonderful entertainment suitable for all ages. Concessions and beer are available. July 4th starts at 10:00am with a parade including cars, antique tractors, kids entries and prizes, followed with a 11:00am steak fry, 2:00pm rodeo and evening street dances. Steak Fry - serving fondue steak and roast beef, homemade potato chips, beans, salad and ice cream served from 11:00am - 1:00pm at the Choteau Pavilion. American Legion Rodeo starts at 2:00pm at the Choteau Rodeo Grounds, featuring many area cowboys and cowgirls. Fireworks start at dusk and they will be set off from Airport Hill. Our fabulous show is sponsored by the residents of Choteau. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Montana by clicking on the comments button.


Do you get excited or scared every time you hear thunder? Let Tornado Express Tours take you on a storm chasing vacation across Tornado Alley in pursuit of nature's most violent thunderstorms and twisters. We offer 6 Day tornado chasing tours and MEGA storm chasing vacations. Spend a week on a professional storm chasing trip for an up close and personal look at the most mystifying thunderstorms. Bring your camera on to capture these beautiful and awe inspiring wonders of weather during your storm chasing tour. Tornado Alley breeds some of natures most numerous, violent, and destructive tornadoes. Be ready for anything on your tornado chasing tour. What Happens During a Storm Chasing Tour? Once you sign up for a tour, all you have to do is meet our storm chasers in either Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or Omaha, Nebraska (depending upon your tour date). From there, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Definitely bring your camera! Our storm chasing guides will do all of the navigation and forecasting. There will be a maximum of 6 passengers per van. Each morning, our storm chasing guides will forecast the day's severe weather potential and drive you into position for severe storms later that day. If for some reason, no severe weather is possible, you will have time for some sightseeing in the Plains. You will tour Tornado Alley in roomy passenger vans and have a window seat for front row action. Our storm chasing vacation team will take care of all the forecasting and navigation to get you in position for severe weather. Tornado Express uses the latest technology, including: 1. On-board Doppler Radar Data 2. Satellite Weather Data 3. GPS Navigation Onboard Doppler Radar: Ready to find Tornadoes You'll track storms with us using our satellite-delivered Doppler Radar Data. Street level mapping of the storm will let you know exactly where to look for tornadoes. Each van on your storm chasing tour will have a forecaster and a computer monitor to help explain the challenging process of finding and chasing the biggest thunderstorms. You may have the opportunity to participate in interactive games and competitions while storm chasing. During the storm chase tour, we will make make all necessary stops for food and restroom use. After each day's storm chasing is complete, Tornado Express Tours will provide you with a hotel room (usually a Ramada Inn or similar type hotel). Most hotels will have a complimentary breakfast. Please bring money for any other meals throughout the day. Ready for a Tour? Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Nebraska by clicking on the comments button.


Beach Baby

Dive into Mandalay Bay's lush, 11-acre tropical sand beach. Daydream the day away as you float on a lazy river ride, or swim in one of our three pristine pools. Voted #1 Beach in Las Vegas for seven years running. Beach Hours: April 15 -September 11: 8am - 7pm September 12 - October 29: 9am - 7pm October 30 - November 19: 9am - 5pm *Pool hours and availability subject to change. Wave Pool and Lazy River are open seasonally. Beach access limited to hotel guests only. All guests over the age of 14, must have a key to enter the beach. Wave Pool Height Requirement is 48". Beach Amenities Cabanas - Enjoy a wonderful day at the beach in one of Mandalay Bay’s new cabanas. Don’t wait to book your cabana! Please call (702) 632-7997 for reservations. • Beach, Main Pool, Lazy River - 41 Cabanas • South Lagoon Pool - 14 Cabanas • Moorea - 15 Pavilions & Day Beds Surf Shack - all the essentials you'll need for a day at the beach including suits, shades, hats and suntan lotions! Beach Bar & Grill - Grilled hamburgers, chicken and a variety of other hot and cold casual foods when you don't want to leave the sun. Surf Café - Salads, sandwiches and other snacks located just a few steps away from your spot by the pool or on the beach. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Nevada by clicking on the comments button.


Rally Round

At Team O'Neil Rally School we offer a safe and comfortable environment for ANYONE to learn in. What we offer is a REAL experience that you will never forget. Come to the mountains of New Hampshire The cars are real The weather is real Drive on 6.5 miles of closed dirt roads Most important of all - Everything you learn can be applied to any car in any conditions. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in New Hampshire by clicking on the comments button.


Seafood at the Shore

The Festival of the Sea has been one of Point Pleasant Beach’s top events. Beginning in September of 1975 as an end of summer gathering, the festival has grown in to the major event that it is today. This year the festival will take place on September 16, 2006. This Seafood festival is held downtown on both Arnold and Bay Avenues. Local restaurants and vendors provide the large crowds with delicacies such as crab cakes, shrimp skewers, paella, soups and bisques, lobster, and other seafood items. Don’t like seafood? No problem, there are plenty of other varieties of food to sample! In addition to the food available, there are literally hundreds of craft vendors featuring handmade items. Shoppers are bound to find that unusual item sought after. For entertainment, there is a stage set up on the corner of Arnold and River Avenues that plays host to local musicians and other acts. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in New Jersey by clicking on the comments button.


Viva La Fiesta

294th Santa Fe Fiesta - Like many things in Santa Fe, Fiesta represents something old, time-honored and sacred. It is also about fun, food, music and just a little weirdness. Originally begun in 1712 to commemorate the return of the Spanish to Santa Fe in 1692 after 12 years of exile following the Pueblo Revolt, Fiesta has both grown and remained true to its cultural roots. This year Fiesta will be celebrated from September 2-10 with a long calendar of activities. During the week there will be arts and craft fairs, religious processions led by the oldest Madonna in the U.S., La Conquistadora, the burning of Zozobra (a 40 foot tall paper effigy known as 'Old Man Gloom), the Children's Pet Parade, Mariachi concerts, melodrama performances, the Fiesta Ball, the Historical Hysterical parade, an audience with the Fiesta Queen, endless food and music under the Gazebo on the Plaza and general revelry throughout town. Underlying all of the festivities is a celebration of thanksgiving that the first Fiesta represented. This is the country's oldest continuously celebrated community The cry of "Viva la Fiesta" has been reverberating through the streets of Old Santa Fe every autumn for 294 years. The sound generates a curious blend of thanksgiving, revelry and pride in the hearts of Santa Feans who celebrate Fiesta annually to commemorate Don Diego De Vargas' peaceful reoccupation of the City of Holy Faith in 1692. The historic capital is one of the oldest in the United States. It was established by Don Juan de Oñate at San Gabriel in 1598 and moved over 30 miles south to the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains where Santa Fe was founded in 1610. In 1680 the Indians revolted, burned the city and drove out the Spanish colonists, who fled to Guadalupe del Paso, now Juarez, Mexico. They rescued from the burning church the 29-inch wood carved Marian statue, La Conquistadora, originally brought to Santa Fe in 1625 by the missionary, Fray Alonso de Benavides. Twelve years later, the King of Spain appointed Don Diego De Vargas to join the exiles in Guadalupe del Paso and organize a campaign for the resettlement of Santa Fe. He accomplished this difficult and remarkable mission without bloodshed on September 4, 1692. In December of the next year, the Indians resisted when De Vargas returned from a trip to recruit more colonists, so he set up an encampment outside the city near the present site of the Rosario Chapel. The anxious colonist placed La Conquistadora on a makeshift altar and implored her to intercede for the successful re-entry into the town. Before the end of December 1693, De Vargas led his triumphant forces back into the City of the Holy Faith where La Conquistadora was likely enshrined temporarily in the Palace chapel. Crediting the Madonna's intercession with his victory, De Vargas is said to have vowed restoration of her throne in the parish church built by Fray Benavides in 1692 and destroyed by the Indians in 1680. The General De Vargas died on April 4, 1704 without achieving this goal. Eight years after the death of De Vargas, Lt. Governor Paez Hurtado who had been one of this Captains and a close friend, influenced city officials to draft a proclamation for an annual celebration commemorating the peaceful 1692 resettlement. The 1712 proclamation establishing the first Fiesta de Santa Fe, was signed by Governor Marquez de La Peñuela. The document specified a mass, vespers, and a sermon, thus setting the religious tone still characterizing modern fiestas. La Conquistadora is among the most venerated Marian figures in the world. She was crowned in 1954 by Cardinal Francis Spellman and again in 1960 by an apostolic representative of Pope John XXIII. Her golden crown is studded with precious stones, including a three-carat diamond. Her extensive wardrobe includes an exquisite lace mantilla from Sevilla Spain and an elaborate costume fashioned from ancient French vestments found in the old Cathedral museum. They appear to be of the secular and American periods of Bishop Lamy's clergy. And so it is that La Conquistadora, a conqueror of hearts, and De Vargas, a conquistador of the new world, join forces to inspire our unique and enduring celebration, la Fiesta de Santa Fe, a time of prayer, rejoicing and hospitality for all. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in New Mexico by clicking on the comments button.


Life Is A Caberet

Cafe Carlyle at the Carlyle Hotel, New York City Since opening in 1955, Cafe Carlyle has featured musical performances by legendary entertainers, as epitomized by the "master of melody" Bobby Short, who recently passed away. A fixture at Cafe Carlyle since 1968, Mr. Short was cabaret's preeminent interpreter of such American composers as Cole Porter and Duke Ellinton, and his urbane and elegant style will always be a part of Cafe's tradition. Graced with charming murals by Vertes, Cafe Carlyle is uniquely intimate, delighting visitors with its romantic setting and offerings of cabaret and jazz. November 7-December 31, 2006 Cafe Carlyle presents Steve Tyrell, the smooth song stylist who has made a steady rise to the top of contemporary pop. First introduced through his recording of "The Way You Look Tonight," from the film "Father of the Bride," this led to a series of critically-acclaimed CDs of American popular standards. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in New York by clicking on the comments button.


Learn to Fly

Learn to fly at Kitty Hawk Kites' Hang Gliding Training Center. We are the largest hang gliding school in the world, teaching hundreds of thousands of students since 1974! We have taught students aged 8-80, male and female, physically fit and physically challenged. In fact, we can accommodate paraplegics, blind, deaf and other physical challenges. All we require is a desire to fly like the birds. We provide beginner, intermediate and advanced instruction. We teach low altitude beginner lessons over soft sand. We teach high altitude tandem lessons. There are no age restrictions, however students under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. Tandem instruction is handicapped accessible. The only physical restrictions for dune lessons are: Weight minimum of 85 lbs. Weight maximum of 225 lbs. You must be able to run approximately ten yards. Students under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in North Carolina by clicking on the comments button.


Take the Trail

Lewis and Clark What they found here: beautiful and broad plains, abundant wildlife, hospitable natives and a young Indian interpreter and guide who would prove invaluable on their journey. Where the Adventure Begins… …A Journey into the Unknown April 7, 1805. As the last chunks of ice float away from the Missouri River shoreline, a gathering of Indian men and women bids farewell to the curious band of light-skinned men who wintered among them. The voyagers eagerly set forth upstream, in the company of a young Indian woman whose husband was hired “with his wife, as an interpreter through his wife” (Lewis’ journal). Carrying her infant son in a cradleboard, she dreams of returning to the mountains of her birth and to her family. For all but Sakakawea, the Indian woman, it is a voyage into the vast unknown. Lewis & Clark Trail attractions and historical markers North Dakota still boasts the “handsomest plains” you may ever behold. The full length of the Missouri River, wide-open spaces, rugged buttes and abundant wildlife take you back in time and closer to nature. The State Historical Society of North Dakota has identified and marked 27 locations of significance to Lewis and Clark’s expedition. While a few may require a short hike or directions from the locals, most are within easy reach of lodging, dining and other travel services. And now that Lewis and Clark have done all the hard work, charting and exploring the West, you get to have all the fun! Visit www.ndtourism.com or call 1-800-HELLO-ND to learn all the details about where to find the best places for your favorite activities, including fishing, boating, sailing, biking, hiking, golfing and “real west” trail rides and ranch vacations For more information about Lewis and Clark's journey through North Dakota, contact Annette Schilling, North Dakota Lewis & Clark Coordinator at 701-328-2525. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in North Dakota by clicking on the comments button.


It's Still Rock N Roll to Me

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a permanent exhibit in the Museum that celebrates the lives and work of the Hall of Fame inductees. It encompasses a frenetic film presented on three giant screens featuring all of the inductees of every year; a stunning “juke box” containing virtually every song of the inducted artists, an artifact showcase of the current year’s inductees, a reel of highlights of the induction ceremonies, and the inductees’ signatures etched in glass, all housed in a circular theater that juts out dramatically above Lake Erie. Inductees performers Chuck Berry James Brown Ray Charles Sam Cooke Fats Domino The Everly Brothers Buddy Holly Jerry Lee Lewis Elvis Presley Little Richard The Coasters Eddie Cochran Bo Diddley Aretha Franklin Marvin Gaye Bill Haley B. B. King Clyde McPhatter Ricky Nelson Roy Orbison Carl Perkins Smokey Robinson Big Joe Turner Muddy Waters Jackie Wilson The Beach Boys The Beatles The Drifters Bob Dylan The Supremes Dion Otis Redding The Rolling Stones The Temptations Stevie Wonder Hank Ballard Bobby Darin The Four Seasons The Four Tops The Kinks The Platters Simon and Garfunkel The Who LaVern Baker The Byrds John Lee Hooker The Impressions Wilson Pickett Jimmy Reed Ike and Tina Turner Bobby "Blue" Bland Booker T. and the M.G.'s Johnny Cash The Isley Brothers The Jimi Hendrix Experience Sam and Dave The Yardbirds Ruth Brown Cream Creedence Clearwater Revival The Doors Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers Etta James Van Morrison Sly and the Family Stone The Animals The Band Duane Eddy The Grateful Dead Elton John John Lennon Bob Marley Rod Stewart The Allman Brothers Band Al Green Janis Joplin Led Zeppelin Martha and the Vandellas Neil Young Frank Zappa David Bowie Gladys Knight and the Pips Jefferson Airplane Little Willie John Pink Floyd The Shirelles The Velvet Underground The (Young) Rascals The Bee Gees Buffalo Springfield Crosby, Stills and Nash The Jackson Five Joni Mitchell Parliament-Funkadelic The Eagles Fleetwood Mac The Mamas and the Papas Lloyd Price Santana Gene Vincent Billy Joel Curtis Mayfield Paul McCartney Del Shannon Dusty Springfield Bruce Springsteen The Staple Singers Eric Clapton Earth, Wind & Fire Lovin' Spoonful The Moonglows Bonnie Raitt James Taylor Aerosmith Solomon Burke The Flamingos Michael Jackson Queen Paul Simon Steely Dan Ritchie Valens Isaac Hayes Brenda Lee Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Gene Pitney Ramones Talking Heads AC/DC The Clash Elvis Costello & the Attractions The Police Righteous Brothers Jackson Browne The Dells George Harrison Prince Bob Seger Traffic ZZ Top Buddy Guy The O'Jays The Pretenders Percy Sledge U2 Black Sabbath Blondie Miles Davis Lynyrd Skynyrd Sex Pistols Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Ohio by clicking on the comments button.


The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends

NATIONAL COWBOY & WESTERN HERITAGE MUSEUM 1700 N.E. 63rd Street Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111 (405) 478-2250 The William S. and Ann Atherton Art of the American West Gallery contains outstanding examples of paintings and sculpture from the more than 2,000 art pieces (or items) in the museum collection. Beginning with the 18' tall marble Canyon Princess by Gerald Balciar at its entrance and continuing with Albert Bierstadt's Emigrants Crossing the Plains, and William R. Leigh's The Leader’s Downfall, representing the more monumental presentations, this 15,000 square foot gallery is packed with art that delights the eye and overwhelms the senses. The cornerstone of the museum's historical collection of western art lies with a significant group of paintings and sculpture by Charles Marion Russell and Frederic Remington. Russell's art includes Red Man's Wireless, Smoke Talk, When Mules Wear Diamonds, and a host of other works. Remington is represented by several bronzes including Bronco Buster, Coming Through the Rye, and his only one-of-one, The Buffalo Signal, as well as by such paintings as In From the Night Herd and Hunter’s Camp in the Big Horns. Almost 100 works by these masters of the western art form adorn the walls of this gallery. Historical western art continues in the gallery with scores of other artistic presentations that range from Charles Shreyvogel, Henry F. Farny, and Olaf C. Seltzer to Solon Borglum, Frank Tenney Johnson, and Phillip R. Goodwin. Additionally, the brilliant coloration and New Mexico subject matter of the Taos Society of Artists is represented with outstanding paintings from its original members including Walter Ufer, Ernest Blumenshein, Bert Phillips, Oscar Berninghaus, Joseph H. Sharp, E. Irving Couse, Nicolai Fechin, whose studio is reproduced, and others. The totality of the art in this gallery, produced between the early 19th century and continuing through the fourth or fifth decades of the 20th century, traces the development of the western genre in American art with some of the best examples on permanent exhibition. The Art of the American West Gallery also contains the finest collection of contemporary western art in the nation. Since 1973, the museum has purchased the best art piece at each of its annual Prix de West Invitational Exhibition and Sale events. Using this as a nucleus, it has added significantly to this outstanding beginning. Prominent among the artists included in this group are Wilson Hurley, Howard Terpning, Bettina Steinke, Tom Lovell, Clark Hulings, Gerald Balciar, Kent Ullberg and a long list of others. As younger artists appear and the Prix de West purchase list grows longer, the collection grows larger. Over time, this contemporary art collection will become to a future generation what the giants of a century ago are to art collectors today. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Oklahoma by clicking on the comments button.


Your Life Out on a Limb!

There are many educational, and adventurous, vacation sites in Southern Oregon, but only one where you can, lit-treely, "go out on a limb"... have so much fun and learn something while you're there. The internationally famous Out 'n' About Treesort has branched out once again, and has added the Treehouse Institute of Takilma, a high school that hangs from the branches in an oak grove in Takilma. The picturesque little valley is nestled in the south west corner of Oregon among the Siskiyou Mountains outside of Cave Junction, just below the widerness headwaters of the East Fork Illinois River. The Treesort and Institute features Treehouse accommodations for kids of all ages. If you come to learn, relax, romance or just have fun there is plenty for all. Out'n'About is an veritable treehouse wonderland. There is a total of 18 different treehouses, platforms, forts, seven swinging bridges (8' to 32' off the ground and 12' to 90' long), five swings, 20 flights of stairs, four ladders and a ropes course with a 160' long zip line as a warm up to the Giant Zip. On the ground there is also a fresh water swimming pool fed by the East Fork Illinois River, a performance stage, bath house pavilion, big campfire site and barbecues (to mention but a few facilitrees). The treesort has 36 private acres backed up to National Forest wilderness with 16 horses, two rocking horses, 5 dogs, 1 cat, and 8 chickens (at last count) running around. Out'n'About is a truly unique place. Part of it's uniqueness has to do with that it is a home grown and based business. There are no locks on the treehouse doors. It is not the Ramada or Hilton in the trees, but is a genuine four star Treesort. It took eight years of hard fought legal battles with Josephine county officials before they finally recognized the soundness of our designs and gave us our needed permits to be legal. We were ordered to shut down our treehouse rentals several times, and at peak pitch actualy ordered to tear down the treehouses at one point. So to keep the business going we sold very expensive one of a kind dated t-shirts- "Treeshirts" as we call them (t-shirts with silk screenings of a favorite treehouse on it). We could not allow the general public to officialy stay in the treehouses... but we could invite our friends. So everybody who came had to become our friend, one of the now many "Tree Musketeers". People from all over the world would treeserve a date to be put on a certain tree-shirt. they would then come here on that date, get their treeshirt and become a Tree Musketeer, our friend, spend the night in a treehouse and Michael would sign their shirt. We no longer have to sell shirts to earn money (but they're still available) and do not have to limit guests to our "friends", but we still endeavor to do so. So please feel free to come spend the night, become a Treemusketeer (therefore our friend), and if you decide to get a treeshirt Michael will still sign and date it if you like! To check out the accommodations go to Root Costs. The Tree Room Schoolhouse Suite (which includes a bathroom, kitchenette and "sitting to ponder area"), the Swiss Family Complex (a pair of treehouses connected by a swinging bridge), the treezebo (our tallest residential treehouse, sleeps two to five, with toilet and sink), the Forestree (like the treezebo but with full walls), the Peacock Perch (designed for, and best enjoyed by two, very romantic), the Treepee (18' tipi in the trees), the Treeloon (sleeps four with a sink), connected by a swinging bridge to the Cavaltree (styled as a cavalry fort in the trees), the Serendipitree (for two adults or two adults and two small children). Also available is the Cabintree (a deluxe "on the ground" gem accompanied by an open air treehouse). The Treehouse Institute , established over the summer of 1996, is the only place in the world that offers avocational instruction in basic engineering, design and construction methods for building treehouses. There are also plenty of other things to learn and have fun with here. We are like a summer camp for families.The courses are tailored to family enjoyment. Our staff teaches a ropes course, horse back riding, rafting and treehouse construction, all are easily arranged. The craft courses are taught by local artists on site here. The ones that require the shortest amount of time to arrange are the tie-die, stain-glass, whittling and water-color classes. The performance stage is used by kids quite often, but not so much as the organized classes. (Summer thematic school sessions, in majors and alltreenut majors, run from two to four days.) Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Oregon by clicking on the comments button.


Color Outside the Lines

Visit the Crayola FACTORY® at Two Rivers Landing If you haven't been to The Crayola FACTORY yet, you don't want to miss this hands-on discovery center for children and the adults in their lives that provides creative personal development experiences; extends Binney & Smith's Crayola® brand: its products, its history and its role in arts education; and supports the economic revitalization of Easton and the Lehigh Valley. At the Crayola FACTORY®, you will be immersed in color and creativity-a place where your only creative limitation is your imagination. You can color, draw and create with the latest Crayola® product without the worry of cleanup afterwards. Each creative space invites you to play and explore while learning and having lots and lots of fun. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Pennslvania by clicking on the comments button.


Be in High Society

JVC Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island With the benefit of a half-century's hindsight, it seems almost inevitable. Yet as the "First American Jazz Festival" came roaring into the Newport Tennis Casino on a mid-July weekend in 1954, the now-venerable event was anything but a sure bet. A brainchild of Boston nightclub owner George Wein and Newport socialites Louis and Elaine Lorillard, the festival gathered a massive and motley group of jazz musicians and enthusiasts together in the summer playground of America's aristocratic class. Its extraordinary debut was both a shot across the bow of high culture and a shot in the arm of the jazz world. More than a merely successful enterprise, the Newport Jazz Festival "opened a new era in jazz presentation," in the prophetic words of Down Beat magazine. Over the next five decades, history was made repeatedly at Newport, in moments great and small. Miles Davis revived a flagging career there in 1955, as did Duke Ellington the following year. And virtually everyone else in jazz -- from Billie Holiday to Bill Evans, Ahmad Jamal to Archie Shepp -- came to grace the Newport stage, reaching some of the largest and most receptive audiences of the era. At the heart of it all was a conviction articulated early on by Wein. "We want to throw modern, swing, and Dixieland together," he told the New Yorker in 1954, "even have the guys playing them together. As long as there's a common beat, every guy can play solo [in] his own style. One big happy family."Wein and his company Festival Productions, Inc. have continued to abide by this credo -- despite a shifting musical terrain, the ebb and tide of festival fortunes, and innumerable reports of jazz's obsolescence. Their flagship event, originally founded as a nonprofit venture, came under Wein's sole proprietorship after a riot outside the gates shut the 1960 festival down. Peaceful and prosperous during the '60s, Wein's institution spawned a counterpart -- the emblematic Newport Folk Festival -- before encountering marauders once more in 1971. That incident prompted Wein to transport the event to New York City, where an urban, multiple-venue festival model was born. With title sponsorship from KOOL, then JVC, the Newport Jazz Festival New York reigned through the '70s. In 1981 it returned to its origins without abandoning its cosmopolitan foothold. Today Festival Productions mounts JVC Jazz Festivals both in Newport and in New York, along with a host of satellite cities. From an event "fashioned out of orange crates and baling wire," as critic Whitney Balliett once colorfully recalled, the Newport Jazz Festival has evolved into an institution of immeasurable influence and international reach. Schedule - August 11 - 13, 2006 Friday, August 11th | John Pizzarelli Big Band - "Dear Mr. Sinatra" || Jane Monheit | Saturday, August 12th | George Benson | | Al Jarreau | | McCoy Tyner Septet Celebrating Impulse! Records- with Donald Harrison, Steve Turre, Wallace Roney, Charnett Moffett, Eric Gravatt & tenor sax tba | | Arturo Sandoval | | Robert Glasper Trio | | Preservation Hall Jazz Band | | Luciana Souza Brazilian Duos- featuring Romero Lubambo | | Raúl Midón | | Cyrus Chestnut Quartet- featuring Eric Alexander | | Gold Sounds - featuring Cyrus Chestnut, James Carter, Reginald Veal & Ali Jackson performing the music of Pavement | | Marc Ribot- solo guitar | | Jenny Scheinman- with Jason Moran, Jim Black & Matt Penman | | Sarah Morrow Quartet | Sunday, August 13th | Chris Botti | | Dave Brubeck Quartet | | Dr. John & The Lower 911 | | Angelique Kidjo | | Savion Glover & The Otherz | | The Bad Plus | | George Wein & the Newport All Stars- with Howard Alden, Randy Sandke, Lew Tabackin, Frank Wess, Peter Washington & Kenny Washington | | James Carter Organ Trio- featuring Gerard Gibbs & Leonard King | | Avishai Cohen Trio | | Hiromi | | Ron Affif Trio | | Eddie Palmieri/Brian Lynch Duo | | Marty Ehrlich Sextet | | Andy Bey Quartet | | Christian Scott Quartet | Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Rhode Island by clicking on the comments button.


Shag Baby in Myrtle Beach

2006 SOS FALL MIGRATION IN NORTH MYRTLE BEACH Sept 15-24, 2006 Location: Ocean Drive/ North Myrtle Beach Time: 12 noon til 4 p.m. daily. Cost: $35 per year membership. THE FALL MIGRATION IS THE GRANDDADDY OF ALL PARTIES. Ten great days of sun, fun, dancing and friends! It all happens starting September 14th. If you have never been to the Fall Migration, You've missed the Greatest Show on Earth. Join us for Fun Sunday and Fun Monday, both street festivals. You will have a great time and hear excellent entertainment in the streets of North Myrtle Beach. Come once, and you will never miss another Fall Migration! Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in South Carolina by clicking on the comments button.


Let's Get A Little Bit Rowdy

Welcome to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, 67th annual celebration August 6-12, 2007, has grown to become one of the oldest, largest and greatest motorcycle events. Enthusiasts are drawn to the unique combination of scenic riding, entertainment, camaraderie with fellow bikers and a Main Street atmosphere like no other. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally experience is all about the ride-the Black Hills are truly beyond all expectations. I hope you will return to enjoy the Sturgis "experience" again and again. Distances from Downtown Sturgis Ft. Meade/Cavalry Museum - 1 mile Glencoe Campground - 3 miles Full Throttle Saloon - 3 miles Buffalo Chip - 5 miles Bear Butte State Park - 7 miles Deadwood - 14 miles Spearfish Canyon - 20 miles Rapid City - 29 miles Spearfish - 21 miles Mt. Rushmore - 50 miles Crazy Horse - 70 miles Custer State Park - 72 miles Keystone - 49 miles Hulett, WY - 72 miles Devil’s Tower - 81 miles Custer - 75 miles Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in South Dakota by clicking on the comments button.


Take a Tennessee River Run

903 Music Recording artist and Hardin County, Tennessee 's favorite son, Darryl Worley, is holding his 5th Annual Tennessee River Run presented by West Tennessee Healthcare on September 15 - 16, 2006, at Pickwick Landing State Park Resort outside of his hometown of Savannah , TN. The event will benefit the Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc., organized as a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, to help serve the needs of Hardin and McNairy Counties, the surrounding area, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, Ayers Children's Medical Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. TENNESSEE RIVER RUN 2006 EVENTS SCHEDULE September 9, 2006 12:00pm - Boat Poker Run September 15, 2006 7:00am - Celebrity Golf Tournament . Flight 1 1:00pm - Celebrity Golf Tournament . Flight 2 September 16, 2006 6:00am - Celebrity Bass Fishing Tournament 6:00am - Celebrity Catfish Fishing Tournament 9:00am - 5k Run 10:00am - Children's Fishing Tournament 10:00am - Motorcycle Poker Run 12:00pm - Arts & Crafts Fair 12:00pm - Celebrity Live Auction at Pickwick Landing State Park Resort 4:00pm - Concert featuring Darryl Worley, Neal McCoy, Diamond Rio, Rebecca Lynn Howard and singer/actor John Corbett (Sex and the City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) Additional: For additional information, please call The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc. office at 1-866-484-3877 or write to The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc., 325 Main Street, Savannah, TN 38372 Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Tennessee by clicking on the comments button.


Remember the Alamo

More than 2.5 million people a year visit the 4.2 acre complex known worldwide as "The Alamo." Most come to see the old mission where a small band of Texans held out for thirteen days against the Centralist army of General Antonio López de Santa Anna. Although the Alamo fell in the early morning hours of March 6, 1836, the death of the Alamo Defenders has come to symbolize courage and sacrifice for the cause of Liberty. The memories of James Bowie, David Crockett, and William B. Travis are as powerful today as when the Texan Army under Sam Houston shouted "Remember the Alamo!" as it routed Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. The Alamo has been managed by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas since 1905. Located on Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo represents nearly 300 years of history. Three buildings - the Shrine, Long Barrack Museum and Gift Museum - house exhibits on the Texas Revolution and Texas History. Visitors are welcome to stroll through the beautiful Alamo Gardens. Just a short distance from the River Walk, the Alamo is a "must see" for all who come to San Antonio. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Texas by clicking on the comments button.


Ride the Rim with a Magpie

Have you ever wanted to ride the White Rim Trail in one day but felt limited by the logistics of being able to carry enough water, food and clothing? Well, here is your chance to let us handle the details and carry the extra weight, so you can JUST RIDE your bike!!! Join us for an awesome day on the all-time classic 80mile desert mountain bike ride around the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park. You’ll meet our experienced professional guides at Poison Spider Bicycles, where high quality mountain bikes are available for rent, the night before the ride for a pre-trip orientation. Early the next morning, the group will meet at the Start/Finish parking lot at the top of the Horsethief Trail on the Mineral Road. There, we’ll load into a Coyote Shuttle van and drive to the trailhead at the top of the Shafer Trail. We start this super FUN ride by descending into Shafer Canyon. Once on the White Rim Trail, we'll cruz the rolling terrain in a clockwise direction toward Murphy's Hogback where the support truck will be waiting. We’ll break for a delicious lunch and awe inspiring fantastic views of Canyonlands. We finish the ride by descending the north side of Murphy's Hogback, contouring through multiple canyons that feed the Green River, climbing over Turks Pass & Hardscrabble Hill and finally we'll climb the infamous Horsethief Trail to the Start/Finish parking lot at the top of the Mineral Road. Throughout the ride our guides share thier knowledge of the Cultural & Natural History in the area. Check out our Dates & Prices page for available tours. We can charter a date for a group of 4 or more. Call to book your next epic ride with Magpie Adventures today!!! * Groups of 6 or more qualify for a Group Discount!!! Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Utah by clicking on the comments button.


The Hills Are Alive

Trapp Family Lodge Nordic Ski Center Named one othe "50 Top Ski Resorts in North America" - Conde Naste magazine readers - 2004 & 2005 Johannes von Trapp, President of Trapp Family Lodge, was the visionary behind the opening of America's first cross-country ski center at the Trapp Family Lodge in the winter of 1968-69. It was the first time cross-country ski trails, instruction and equipment sales and rentals were offered at one location. In "those early years" the two-mile road uphill to the Trapp Family Lodge was unpaved. The Lodge had 27 rooms and the Ski Center was located in a small shed. There was no grooming equipment, ski trails were packed by skiers. Tin can lids served as trail markers. The Ski Center Today The garage that once held the wooden skis has been replaced by a contemporary lodge with a retail shop and equipment rentals (including our Fischer "demo" program). 45km of groomed trails and 100km of back-country trails make the ski center Stowe's largest - suitable for all ages and abilities. Be sure to make the exhilirating trip (on skis or snowshoes) to the Slayton Pasture Cabin where soup, sandwiches, hot chocolate and homemade cookies are served fireside. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Vermont by clicking on the comments button.


Chincoteague Island

Chincoteague Island vacation information - Chincoteague Island Virginia vacation and tourism information including real estate, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, shopping, ponies, bird watching, fishing, boating, kayaking and other recreation.

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Cheer on the World's Best Barefoot Water-Skiers at the 2006 World Championships

2006 World Barefoot Water-ski Championships Welcome to the site for the 2006 World Barefoot Water-ski Championships. This event will bring together the best water-ski in the world who will leave all the skis and wakeboards on the dock. In Adna, Washington the World Championship will be held on September 9th –17th, 2006. Lake Silverado lies an hour north of Portland Oregon and hour south of Seattle Washington. This 2675 foot lake is lined by 1400 trees and will be the longest private ski lake to have ever hosted a World Championship. Certainly it has the potential to bring out the best in every skier! "Banana" George Blair Pavilion Previewed Barefooting at the age of 91, Banana George Blair will making his mark by attending the World Championships this year. The "Banana" George Blair Pavilion was just previewed and will be filled with flags from around the world for the world Championship. When you first drive into the lake you will view the Flag Pavilion with14,410 foot Mount Rainier as back drop. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Washington by clicking on the comments button.


Class V

Welcome to our whitewater playground - Raft West Virginia is pleased to show you nature at its finest. A multi-sensory experience awaits you when you take one of our whitewater rafting trips on The New and Gauley Rivers. Feast your eyes on the steep walled gorges. Feel the sun warm your skin while the splash from a rapid refreshingly cools. Let the stress of everyday life fade as you float down the river - only to find it replaced by adrenaline as you negotiate a class V rapid. Raft West Virginia is pleased to offer a variety of New River and Gauley River whitewater rafting packages for your enjoyment. Choose the one that best fits your budget, experience and vacation plans. Our dedicated staff works hard to provide a quality whitewater experience. We enjoy what we do and it shows. Pleasing our guests is the primary goal of each and every one of us. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in West Virginia by clicking on the comments button.


A Miller Brewing Tour is Fun and Free

Miller Brewing Company offers a free, entertaining tour, guiding visitors through the rich history and brewing process of Miller beers. The one-hour guided walking tour allows guests to experience an informative 3-screen video and provides an up-close look at the brewhouse, packaging center and historical caves. Tours conclude with hospitality at the historic Miller Inn or beer garden where guests can relax and enjoy a frosty beer sample (if 21 or older). Soda provided for guests under 21. Miller Brewing Company Visitor Center and Girl in the Moon Gift Shop 4251 W. State Street Milwaukee, WI 53208 Girl in the Moon Gift Shop is open Monday through Saturday year round. Closed select holidays. Winter Shop Hours (Labor Day to Memorial Day) 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Summer Shop Hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Tours generally available from 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. daily Call 414-931-BEER or 800-944-LITE for DAILY UPDATES! – Reservations suggested for groups of 15 or more – Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Wisconsin by clicking on the comments button.


Take A Hike

Trails through Yellowstone Join an Institute naturalist for four days of hiking, wildlife viewing, and discovery in the world’s first national park. Carefully chosen hikes explore Yellowstone’s diverse landscapes, from the geyser basins around Old Faithful to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. An evening wildlife viewing expedition is dedicated to searching for elk, bison, grizzly bears, wolves, and other species. This is an active program and participants must be prepared for daily hiking. Lodging and Learning Packages Explore Yellowstone from the inside out through these educational excursion packages. These cooperative programs combine the unparalleled experience of the Yellowstone Association Institute (one of the largest and most well respected field schools in the National Park System) and the accommodations, meals and activities of Yellowstone National Park Lodges. Interact with a fun and knowledgeable naturalist from Y.A.I. on an adventure you will never forget! Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Wyoming by clicking on the comments button.