Catch a Big One

A day on the water with Reel Peace is a day you won’t soon forget. Everyday is different; but a lot of them go like this: Our guests meet us on the docks at safe light (usually around 6AM). Our captain will discuss the plan for the day with you and point out all of the safety items. The boat ride out to the blue water affords time to drink some coffee and enjoy the beautiful wildlife and setting. If live bait fishing is on the agenda, we locate the bait, deploy the Sabiki rigs and fill the live bail wells. A short ride to the fishing grounds and our captain put the lines in the water. After you reel in your catch, our captains take care of the fish and reset the lines. Once the boxes are filled with fish and our guests’ arms are sore, pictures are usually taken and the ride back in is filled with laughter and stories reliving the moments. We arrive back at the dock late afternoon and the crew gets to work cleaning the fish while more pictures are taken and phone calls begin to relay the stories of the day. A short while later, fish are cleaned and bagged as our guests consider their options for the next trip. If you want to drink wine and eat cheese charter a big boat but if you want to catch big fish you can't beat Reel Peace Charters. We are the only offshore charter service in Venice that has more than two viable boats. Having seven boats on the water allows us to have daily feedback amongst our captains about fish patterns. If the fish are out there, we will find them and they sure are out there. Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Louisiana by clicking on the comments button.

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