Do you get excited or scared every time you hear thunder? Let Tornado Express Tours take you on a storm chasing vacation across Tornado Alley in pursuit of nature's most violent thunderstorms and twisters. We offer 6 Day tornado chasing tours and MEGA storm chasing vacations. Spend a week on a professional storm chasing trip for an up close and personal look at the most mystifying thunderstorms. Bring your camera on to capture these beautiful and awe inspiring wonders of weather during your storm chasing tour. Tornado Alley breeds some of natures most numerous, violent, and destructive tornadoes. Be ready for anything on your tornado chasing tour. What Happens During a Storm Chasing Tour? Once you sign up for a tour, all you have to do is meet our storm chasers in either Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or Omaha, Nebraska (depending upon your tour date). From there, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Definitely bring your camera! Our storm chasing guides will do all of the navigation and forecasting. There will be a maximum of 6 passengers per van. Each morning, our storm chasing guides will forecast the day's severe weather potential and drive you into position for severe storms later that day. If for some reason, no severe weather is possible, you will have time for some sightseeing in the Plains. You will tour Tornado Alley in roomy passenger vans and have a window seat for front row action. Our storm chasing vacation team will take care of all the forecasting and navigation to get you in position for severe weather. Tornado Express uses the latest technology, including: 1. On-board Doppler Radar Data 2. Satellite Weather Data 3. GPS Navigation Onboard Doppler Radar: Ready to find Tornadoes You'll track storms with us using our satellite-delivered Doppler Radar Data. Street level mapping of the storm will let you know exactly where to look for tornadoes. Each van on your storm chasing tour will have a forecaster and a computer monitor to help explain the challenging process of finding and chasing the biggest thunderstorms. You may have the opportunity to participate in interactive games and competitions while storm chasing. During the storm chase tour, we will make make all necessary stops for food and restroom use. After each day's storm chasing is complete, Tornado Express Tours will provide you with a hotel room (usually a Ramada Inn or similar type hotel). Most hotels will have a complimentary breakfast. Please bring money for any other meals throughout the day. Ready for a Tour? Add your suggestions for Things You Should Do in Nebraska by clicking on the comments button.

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Storm Chase Guide provides lower cost storm chasing tours. In 2010 all of my customers observed multiple tornadoes, I would be thrilled to provide you the same experience.
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