California Cowboys

Cut a rug with Buck Owens, Bakersfield

Come visit us! Come to Buck Owens' Crystal Palace for great food and great country music 5 days a week. From live dance music to concerts by some of your favorite performers.

Tributo a Buck Owens Dwight Yoakum - Streets of Bakersfield Check out the comments for more California Cowboys Or Click to Add your own recommendation


irishlass said...

California's cowboys might also enjoy a trip to the Red Bluff Roundup

More than just a Rodeo!

Once again, the 85th Annual Red Bluff Round-Up is more than just a rodeo! You are going to find a whole host of activities throughout “Tehama Country,” from April 15-23, sponsored by several area organizations and co-ordinated by the Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce.

Round-Up Week festivities are kicked off with the “running of the bucking horses” through town as local rodeo stock provider John Growney and his crew herd over 100 rodeo horses down Main Street… just like they did in the good old days!

This procession is preceded by rip-roarin’ Chili Cook-Off, live entertainment, pony rides, a kiddie parade, a car show, and food & souvenir booths… all in the downtown area.

Come and enjoy the rodeo, but whatever you do, DON'T MISS THE PARTY AFTERWARDS!

World Championship Points Awarded PRCA and WPRA Approved

2006 online tickets
will go on sale
Feburary 15th!

Round-Up Parade
Saturday, April 22, 10:00a.m.
The BIG PARADE begins winding its way through downtown Red Bluff at 10:00am on Saturday morning. Preliminary Rodeo Event Kick-Off at the Tehama County Fairgrounds at 12 noon sharp. Both days will feature the Grand Entry Procession of riders, horses and dazzling costumes. At 1:30pm stand to the presentation of Old Glory by the efficient carriers riding handsomely bedecked mounts.

Wild Horse Race
This event climaxes each day’s performance with action right down in front of the grandstands. It’s wild and woolly and mighty “western.” Absolutely nobody leaves until this crowd pleaser has run it’s course! Contest is governed by Wild Horse Race Association rules, complying with all SPCA demands. Entry fees are $150 per day, plus $10 office fee per team. Buckles to winners and a split of $1,500 purse.

Arena Professionals
•Announcers – Bob Tallman & Wayne Brooks
•Bull Fighters – Joe Baumgartner & Shorty Gorham
•Clown – Troy Lerwill
•Sound – Chuck Lopeman
•Photographer – Larry Smith
•Specialty Act – Wild Child

Meet The Announcers

As a PRCA announcer, Wayne Brooks brings a fresh enthusiasm...
[more] His voice is heard and his image is seen by more than 60 million...

Red Bluff Round-Up
April 21st, 22nd& 23rd 2006
Friday, 7:00p.m. - Saturday & Sunday, 1:30p.m.

Friday is Family Day! All seats are just $10!

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the 61st Grand National Rodeo, Horse & Stock Show at the Cow Palace, April 7 through 15, 2006. During each performance you'll see bareback riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing, saddle bronc riding, team roping, tie-down roping and bull riding.

Concerts by Travis Tritt and LeeAnn Rimes.

Anonymous said...

If you're a western movie buff, you can't miss the Lone Pine Film Festival. Hundreds of movies were filmed in this area, beginning in the silent movie days and continuing til now with films like Gladiator.

Round Up, The 1920
Water, Water Everywhere 1920
The Camera Man 1920
Cupid the Cowpuncher 1920
Pollyanna 1920
Cameraman, The 1920
Sting of the Lash 1921
For Those We Love 1921
Just Tony 1922
The Man in the Raw 1923
Virginian, The 1923
Brass Commandments 1923
Man Who Won, The 1923
Grail, The 1923
Man In the Raw 1923
Fighting Fury 1924
The Sunset Trail 1924
Ridin' Kid from Powder River, The 1924
Mine with the Iron Door, The 1924
Man From Wyoming 1924
Daring Chances 1924
Sunset Trail, The 1924
Back Trail, The 1924
Taking Chances 1925
Durand of the Badlands 1925
Red Rider, The 1925
Riders of the Purple Sage 1925
The Gold Trap 1925
Greed 1925
Gold Trap, The 1925
Golden Princess, The 1925
Bad Lands 1925
Whistling Jim 1925
White Thunder 1925
Enchanted Hill, The 1926
Stolen Ranch, The 1926
Flying Horseman, The 1926
Wild Horse Stampede 1926
Six Shootin' Romance 1926
Riding Romance 1926
Senor Daredevil 1926
Rider of the Law 1926
ChasingTrouble 1926
The Enchanted Hill 1926
The Stolen Ranch 1926
The Salt Lake Trail 1926
Demon, The 1926
Ranger of the North 1927
Gun Gospel 1927
Square Shooter, The 1927
Horse Trader, The 1927
The Brute 1927
Rambling Ranger, The 1927
Somewhere In Sonora 1927
Black Jack 1927
Hey! Hey! Cowboy 1927
Border Cavalier, The 1927
The Square Shooter 1927
Splitting the Breeze 1927
Swiss Movements 1927
The Border Cavalier 1927
Black Midnight 1927
Rough and Ready 1927
The Western Rover 1927
Western Rover 1927
Blazing Days 1927
The Clean-Up Man 1928
The Silent Rider 1928
Clearing the Trail 1928
Clean-Up Man, The 1928
Hot News 1928
Girl-Shy Cowboy 1928
Points West 1929
The Wagon Master 1929
Wagon Master, The 1929
Trailin' Trouble 1930
Spurs 1930
Bad Man, The 1930
One Mad Kiss 1930
Pardon My Gun 1930
Song of the West 1930
Fighting Legion, The 1930
Woman Hungry 1931
Freighters of Destiny 1931
Fair Warning 1931
Hell Fire Austin 1932
Hidden Valley 1932
Red Shadow, The 1932
Fiddlin' Buckaroo, The 1932
Life in the Raw 1932
Beyond the Rockies 1932
Flaming Guns 1932
Thundering Herd, The 1933
Terror Trail 1933
Somewhere In Sonora 1933
Frontier days 1934
Demon For Trouble, A 1934
Wheels of Destiny 1934
Man From Utah, The 1934
Blue Steel 1934
Cowboy Holiday 1934
Roaring West, The 1935
Courageous Avenger 1935
Danger Trials 1935
Oil for the Lamps of China 1935
Westward Ho 1935
Wanderer of the Westland 1935
Hop-A-Long Cassidy (Enters) 1935
Western Frontier 1935
Between Men 1935
Lawless Range 1935
New Frontier, The 1935
Moonlight on the Prairie 1935
Lawless Riders 1935
Man's Country 1935
Lives of a Bengal Lancer 1935
Bar 20 Rides Again 1935
Cattle Thief, The 1936
Comin' Round the Mountain 1936
Charge of the Light Brigade, The 1936
Rip Roarin' Buckaroo 1936
Everyman's Law 1936
Phantom of the Ranger 1936
Oregon Trail, The 1936
King of Pecos 1936
Oh Susanna 1936
Lucky Terror, The 1936
Rhythm on the Range 1936
West of Nevada 1936
Smokey Smith 1936
Three On The Trail 1936
Woman Trap 1936
Sandflow 1937
Lost Horizon 1937
Long Long Trailer, The 1937
Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm 1937
Boots and Saddles 1937
Wild Horse Rodeo 1937
Western Gold 1937
Riders of the Dawn 1937
Star Is Born, A 1937
I Cover the War 1937
The Mighty Treve 1937
Mighty Treve, The 1937
Secret Valley 1937
Gunsmoke Ranch 1937
Outlaw of the Orient 1937
Hop along Rides Again 1937
Firefly, The 1937
Hollywood Cowboy 1937
Cowboy and the Lady, The 1938
Under Western Stars 1938
Pride of the West 1938
Heart of Arizona 1938
Where the Buffalo Roam 1938
Old Barn Dance, The 1938
Lone Ranger, The 1938
Adventures of Marco Polo 1938
Army Girl 1938
Storm Over Bengal 1938
Riders of the Frontier 1939
Gunga Din 1939
Law of the Pampas 1939
Llano Kid, The 1939
Frontier Marshal 1939
In Old Monterey 1939
Range War 1939
Across the Plains 1939
Renegade Trail 1939
Cisco Kid and the Lady, The 1940
Melody Ranch 1940
Knights of the Range 1940
Three Men from Texas 1940
Saga of Death Valley 1940
Trail of the Vigilantes 1940
Light of Western Stars, The 1940
Round Up, The 1940
Brigham Young Fronitersman 1940
Wagons Westward 1940
Three Faces West 1940
Gay Caballero, The 1940
In Old Colorado 1941
High Sierra 1941
Men of the Timberline 1941
Last of the Duanes, The 1941
Secrets of the Wasteland 1941
Riders of the Purple Sage 1941
Outlaws of the Desert 1941
Down Mexico Way 1941
Border Vigilantes 1941
Pirates On Horseback 1941
Wide Open Town 1941
Dudes Are Pretty People 1942
Tombstone, The Town Too Tough To Die 1942
Saboteur 1942
Lone Star Ranger 1942
Daredevils of the West 1943
Song of Texas 1943
Riders of the Deadline 1943
Bar 20 1943
Man from Music Mountain, The 1943
Hands Across the Border 1943
Around the World 1943
Tarzan's Desert Mystery 1943
Ox-Bow Incident, The 1943
Leather Burners 1943
False Colors 1943
Colt Comrades 1943
Barbary Coast Gent 1944
Nevada 1944
Utah 1945
West of the Pecos 1945
Wanderer of the Wasteland 1945
Salome Where She Danced 1945
Jungle Raiders 1945
Trail To San Antone 1946
Devil's Playground, The 1946
Plainsman and the Lady, The 1946
Sunset Pass 1946
Brick Bradford 1947
Tycoon 1947
Jack Armstrong 1947
Dangerous Venture 1947
Wild Horse Mesa 1947
Unexpected Guest 1947
Code of the West 1947
Thunder Mountain 1947
Silent Conflict 1947
Indian Agent 1948
Mystery Man 1948
Guns of Hate 1948
Gun Smugglers 1948
Three Godfathers, The 1948
Borrowed Trouble 1948
Bruce Gentry 1948
Panhandle 1948
Strange Gamble 1948
False Paradise 1948
Sinister Journey 1948
Western Heritage 1948
Loves of Carmen, The 1948
Untamed Breed 1948
Dead Don't Dream, The 1948
Yellow Sky 1948
Stagecoach Kid, The 1949
Samson and Delilah 1949
Doolins of Oklahoma, The 1949
Sand 1949
Bagdad 1949
Walking Hills, The 1949
Mysterious Desperado, The 1949
Loaded Pistols 1949
Broken Arrow (last shot) 1950
Rider from Tucson 1950
Border Treasure 1950
Gunfighter, The 1950
Nevadan, The 1950
Dynamite Pass 1950
Cow Town 1950
Blazing Sun, The 1950
Desert Hawk, The 1950
Beyond the Purple Hills 1950
Under Mexicali Stars 1950
Mule Train 1950
Kim 1950
Man in the Saddle 1951
Rawhide 1951
Stage to Tucson 1951
Along the Great Divide 1951
Valley of Fire 1952
Hangman's Knot 1952
Desert Pursuit 1952
Springfield Rifle 1952
Flame of Araby 1952
Tarzan's Savage Fury 1952
King of the Khyber Rifles 1953
Born to the Saddle 1953
Goldtown Ghost Riders 1953
Desert Legion 1953
Last Posse, The 1953
Hitchhiker, The 1953
Strange Wore A Gun, The 1953
Violent Men, The 1954
Bad Day at Black Rock 1955
Return of Jack Slade, The 1955
I Died a Thousand Times 1955
Adventures of Hajji Baba 1955
Prince of Players 1955
Around the World in 80 Days 1956
Rawhide Years, The 1956
Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado 1956
Seven Men From Now 1956
Gunfire at Indian Gap 1957
Lonely Man, The 1957
Monolith Monsters The 1957
Hired Gun, The 1957
Tall T, The 1957
Law and Jake Wade 1958
Cattle Empire 1958
Violent Road, The 1958
Money Women and Guns 1958
From Hell to Texas 1958
Ride Lonesome 1959
Thunder in the Sun 1959
Showdown 1960
Comanche Station 1960
North to Alaska 1960
Hell Bent for Leather 1960
Master of the World 1961
Posse From Hell 1961
How the West Was Won 1962
Hallelujah Trail, The 1965
Great Race, The 1965
War Party 1965
Eye For An Eye, An (aka Talion) 1966
Nevada Smith 1966
Violent Ones, The 1967
Waterhole No. 3 1967
Bamboo Saucer, The 1968
Zabriskie Point 1970
Joe Kidd 1972
Timegate 1972
Bridger 1972
Mrs. Sundance (1973 Fox TV Movie) 1973
Jonathan Livingston Seagull 1973
Farewell to Manzanar 1976
And I Alone Survived 1978
Great Chess Movie, The (Jouer Sa Vie) 1982
Savage Dawn 1984
Perfect 1985
Caged Fury 1989
Homer and Eddie 1989
Star Trek V- (The Final Frontier) 1989
Death Falls 1989
Tremors 1989
Crash and Burn 1990
Dark Rider 1991
Letters from the Moab 1991
Sweet Poison 1991
Chaplin 1992
Kalifornia 1992
Army of One, An 1993
New Age, The 1994
Replikator 1994
Maverick 1994
Terminal Velocity 1994
Shadow, The 1994
Digital Man 1995
Star Trek VII (Generations) 1995
Taming Power of the Small 1995
G.I. Jane 1997
Crossworlds 1997
Trial and Error 1997
Slow Burn 1998
Postman, The 1998
Sand Trap 1998
Phantasm 4 aka Oblivion 1998
Dinosaur 2000
Gladiator 2000
Running On The Sun 2000
Adventures in Wild California (in IMAX) 2000
Gone in 60 Seconds 2000
Highway 395 2000
Infinite Shades of Gray 2001
Rat Race 2001
Last Place on Earth, The 2002
Bounty 2002
Good Bye, Guy Guy 2002
Coral Reef Adventure 2003
Stand Up for Justice 2004
5 Million Footsteps 2004
Counting Sheep 2004

Anonymous said...

Calico Ghost Town

1881 marked the beginning of one of the largest silver strikes in California history and the birth of Calico. This authentic silver mining town lives on as one of the few original mining camps of the Old West.

Open Daily (closed Christmas day)

Townsite: 8:00 a.m. - Dusk
Shops, restaurants, attractions: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Campgrounds, cabins, bunkhouse: Open 24 hrs.

Come on out for Calico Days
October 6th, 7th and 8th, 2006 (Columbus Day Weekend)

Step into the real Old West at Calico Ghost Town during Calico Days... you just may not want to go home!


Character Hall of Fame
Steak Fry & Costume Contest to decide Parade Division Marshals
Friday 6pm-10pm
Wild West Parade
Ghost Town Main Street
Saturday, High Noon
Native American Village
Village & Cultural Display of 5 Nations
All Three Days
Gunfight Stunt Exhibition
Teams throughout the West showcase
Saturday 3pm - Sunday 1pm
Burro Run
Through the Streets of Calico!
Sunday 11am
Miners Triathlon
Rock pulling, Muck Raking, and Arm Wrestling
Sunday Noon
Cornbread Washtub Band
Line Dancing by KC Douglas
Complete Schedule of Events coming soon

Anonymous said...

California Rodeo Salinas - Where the West Comes Alive!

July 20-23, 2006 featuring

Saddle Bronc Riding | Bareback Riding | Bull Riding | Tie-Down Roping | Steer Wrestling
Team Roping | Barrel Racing | Bull Fighting

plus these special events

Saturday July 8
Rockin' Rodeo Ball Dinner and Dancing

July 14 - 23
Rodeo Carnival
Expo site off Highway 101 and Market Street
Weekdays 4 p.m. - close
Weekends 11 a.m. - close

Wednesday July 19
14th Annual
California Rodeo Cowboy Shoot Out Golf Tournament

7:00 a.m. - Cowboy Breakfast
8:00 a.m. sharp - Shotgun Start

Laguna Seca Golf Ranch

Four Person Scramble Awards Barbecue Immediately Following
On Director's Patio At Rodeo Grounds

Tickets: $150 per person | Entries limited to first 144 paid entrants | Rodeo contestants play free

Price Includes Full Breakfast, 1/2 Cart, Steak BBQ, Tee Prizes & More
Call (831) 775-3100 for Registration or Information

Wednesday July 19
"Great Bulls of Fire!" PBR Challenger Event

You've seen it on television, now you can watch it live as forty-five of the
world's best bull riders meet in Salinas competing for more than $40,000.

Salinas Sports Complex
7 p.m.
Gates open at 5 p.m.

Miss California Rodeo

July 22 & 23, 2006
Horse Parade
Oldtown Salinas
11:50 a.m.


A Rodeo tradition, the Horse Parade travels through downtown Salinas, to the Rodeo Grounds and is a featured part of each day's opening ceremonies. This event is a treat to watch or to participate in.

Entries are required. The committee prefers entries at least seven days prior to the parade. However, entries at the parade site will be allowed. There will be no charge for entries. The parades are sanctioned by the California State Horsemen's Association.

Saturday, July 22
Cowboy Poetry

Each year the best cowboy poets come together for a special evening. This sellout event is always a crowd pleaser so get your tickets early.

Sherwood Hall
7 p.m.

Anonymous said...

The Truckee Championship Rodeo

©2005 Pete Charles

When the second week in August rolls around

That’s when the cowboys ride into our town

They come to ride and rope and hope to win some dough

At the Truckee Championship Rodeo

Folks call our little mountain town extreme

The cowboys and cowgirls know just what that means

They ride ‘em high up here in the mountains don’t you know

At the Truckee Championship Rodeo

The party starts about a week before

And long lost friends come knockin’ on our door

We call it “Western Week” and it warms us up for the show

The Truckee Championship Rodeo

There’s a barbeque and dance on Saturday

And when that country band begins to play

We dance in the dirt - it’s the cowboy way you know

At the Truckee Championship Rodeo

Come on let’s go! To the rodeo....Truckee are you ready?

Let’s Rodeo!

PCRA Truckee Championship Rodeo
Saturday, August 12, 2006 - 4 pm gates open 3 p.m.
Sunday, August 13, 2006 - 1 p.m. gates open noon

Anonymous said...

Learn about the Cowboy Culture at the Museum of the American West in Griffith Park

The Imagination Gallery at Autry's Museum of the American West features men and women of Wild West shows, Western-genre movies, radio shows and television series as well as Western paintings and decorative arts of the 20th century.

Community Gallery - The Colt Firearms Collection and section law and order in the Old West.

Cowboy Gallery - trace the history of the cowboy from the early Spanish vaqueros to modern ranchers and rodeo performers.

Anonymous said...

Death Valley Encampment
November 8-12, 2006


Come On Down
to the
Desert Capital of the World

Would you like to be entertained ?
Well we've got ya' covered pardner

Western Art Show - Musicians
Photography & Craft Exhibits

Death Valley '49ers Golf Tournament
Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo & Guitar Competition

Cowboy Poetry - Campfires - Museums
Pioneer Costume Contest - Horseshoe Contest

Breakfasts with Historians, or Artists,
or Authors or Musicians, or Sing-along

Gold Panning Contest - 4X4 Tours
Video & Slide Presentations - Oratories

Watch the Wagon Train and
Desert Trail Riders arrive after days out
on the Back Country Desert Trails.

!!! Come Join Us !!!