California Irish Pubs

Get your Irish Up at The Little Shamrock, San Francisco

Back when Golden Gate Park was a stripling and the Sunset was nothing but shifting sand dunes, the Little Shamrock was the sole stopover between civilization and the edge of the continent. It opened in 1893 as the park was preparing to host the city's first World's Fair, and between the construction crews and the thirsty travelers making the long journey out to Topsy's Roost at the beach, the place flourished. (The free lunch and 5-cent schooners of beer might've helped.) It also survived the 1906 earthquake and several decades of rambunctious good times, and today the original building is a pleasant place in which to relax in a comfy armchair and sip a cocktail.
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Tim said...

The Irishlass ought to know about Molly Malone's in LA.

Tim said...

Herself should also know about the Dublin Square Irish Pub in San Diego.

Dublin; a city of life, hospitality and fun, with a pub culture that is famous throughout the world. Dublin is Ireland's capital and Europe's most treasured city. It is steeped in tradition and history.

Now, San Diego has it's very own piece of Dublin, snug in the corner of San Diego's Fourth Avenue. Dublin Square Irish Pub was manufactured by O'Sullivan Interiors and shipped thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean. It is an authentic Irish pub exuding the warm hospitality and fun that is typically Irish.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't miss St Paddy's Day at Irelands' 32

Original Irish Pub, 13721 Burbank Boulevard, Van Nuys, California. The home of the Irish in the San Fernando Valley. Come on in for warm hospitality, good food and entertainment.

sponsors of the Southern California Irish Golfins Society

Dedicated to stimulating interest in golf among the Southern California Irish community. Membership offers tournaments and the opportunity to establish a Southern California Golf Handicap.

Membership Fee of $50 includes SCGA membership

irishlass said...

Check out this film at the Newport Beach Film Festival

Irish Showcase: Tara Road
International Spotlights

2005, 100 min, Color
(In English)
North American Premiere

Directed By: Gillies MacKinnon
Producer: Noel Pearson
Screenwriter: Shane Connaughton
Editor: Pia Di Ciaula
Cinematographer: John de Borman
Cast: Andie McDowell, Olivian Williams, Stephen Rea, Brenda Fricker

Ria Lynch and Marilyn Vine have never met. Their lives have almost nothing in common. Ria lives in a big ramshackle house in Tara Road, Dublin, which is filled day and night with the family and friends on whom she depends. Marilyn lives in a college town in Connecticut, New England, absorbed in her career, an independent and private woman who is very much her own person...Two more unlikely friends would be hard to find. Yet a chance phone call brings them together and they decide to exchange homes for the summer. Ria goes to America in the hope that the change will give her space and courage to sort out the huge crisis in her life that is threatening to destroy her. Marilyn goes to Ireland to recover in peace and quiet from the tragedy which she keeps secret from the world, little realizing that Tara Road will prove to be the least quiet place on earth...They borrow each other's houses, and during the course of that magical summer they find themselves borrowing something of each other's lives, until a story which began with loss and suffering grows into a story of discovery, unexpected friendship and new hope. By the time Ria and Marilyn eventually meet, they find that they have altered the course of each other's lives for ever.....

Screening & Post-Party

Join us after the screening at Muldoon's Irish Pub.
Price: $20
Dress: Business Casual
Age: 21 & Over

irishlass said...

Tom Bergin's Tavern

The oldest Irish establishment in Los Angeles was founded in 1936 by Tom Bergin, a former lawyer turned publican. Since 1949, The Tavern has been located just east of Beverly Hills in a quaint Irish style cottage.

Tom Bergin's Tavern is one of Los Angeles' most popular watering holes and is so rated in Zagat 2002 and 2003 L.A. Nightlife Guide, because first it is a saloon and secondly, a great restaurant! In 2003, The Tavern garnered an even more prestigious award when Tom Bergin's was named one of America's Tom Ten Establishments by Tom Horan's Top Ten Clubs.

When you walk through our heavy oak wood front doors, you will see the renowned "Horse Shoe Bar," the inspiration for the television show "Cheers." Here you can slide onto one of the 17 bar benches, all attached to the bar railing, and order anything from a pint of Guinness to a shot of Jameson 12, a dry martini, or one of our world famous Irish Coffees, which on a St. Patrick's Day Weekend, over 5,000 have been served!

While enjoying your libation, poured by one of The Tavern's seven bartenders, some of who have been here over 25 years, you may chat up a conversation with a pin-striped executive, and off-duty LAPD detective, a pretty college coed and/or a true Irishman...or just enjoy a sporting event on one of our eight TVs. With Bing Crosby, Pat O'Brien and Cary Grant as original customers, you never know what TV or movie star you may see today.

When perusing the walls containing sports and Irish memorabilia...the 1951 Los Angeles Ram's Official NFL Championship Banner hangs over the Bar...you can't miss the thousands of Shamrocks all embellished with names of faithful customers.

If you are in the spirit for some great food, order at the Bar from the Pub Grub Menu, or have breakfast, lunch or dinner in the seven Booth Alcove, or continue onto the gem of The Tavern...a cathedral ceiling, fireplace, candlelit, white table clothed Dining Room, paneled in rich wooden décor with curtained windows...and order one of our Irish entrees such as Gaelic Beef or Chicken Erin from our Mesquite Charcoal Grill, a U.S.D.A. Prime New York Steak or the best 8 oz. Burger in L.A.

In 1973, at the age of 79, Tom Bergin sold The Tavern to T.K. ("K" is for Kelly) Vodrey, former newspaper and magazine publisher, who as the current Proprietor, along with his wife, Margaret Kathleen (Peggy) O'Hara have kept alive the camaraderie of the Bergin tradition--where grand people enjoy great spirits, delicious food and fun times! They are ably assisted by their General Manager, Lesa Parsons, and their award winning Chef, Said Lopez

irishlass said...

The Irish Bank Bar & Restaurant is one of America's most authentic, historically accurate and romantic Irish pubs. The Irish Bank can be found snugly nestled in its own lane in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

Our façade, with its traditional whitewashed cottage appearance, is adorned with magnificent brass plaques, hanging flower baskets
and a breathtaking, ancient 19th century water pump, creating an impression reminiscent of a distinctive rural tavern.

The Irish Bank will be broadcasting the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The interior of the Irish Bank is truly unique. Our friendly atmosphere is enhanced by a rare collection
of antiques, award winning photographs, historical documents and advertisements, antique mirrors, church pews, sewing
machines, barrels, crockery, farm implements, horse tackle and other memorable bric-a-brac ~ a very warm and intimate décor.

The Battle of the Banks

On March 17, 1997, The Bank of Ireland (Bar and Restuarant) in San Francisco, formally changed its name to The Irish Bank. This was based on an amicable settlement with the Bank of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland, following a 9 month legal battle. Mayor Willie Brown presided over the name change.

Fighting Irish

At the Bank of Ireland in San Francisco, you can order up a creamy pint of Guinness or a plate of smoked salmon. What you can't do is bank.

That's because this is a drinking institution, not a financial one. It is a downtown pub started about a year ago by Irishmen Chris Martin and Rory Connolly. When the real Bank of Ireland, the 200-year-old, massive bank based in Dublin heard about its namesake watering hole 5,000 miles to the west, it put in an order -- to its lawyers.

"They are pursuing us, to say the least," Martin said.

Legal letters have been flying back and forth since August. Rather than moving toward a settlement, the local innkeepers have further irked the bank and its minions -- first by grabbing the Bank of Ireland domain name on the Internet, then by agreeing to rename only if they got paid $25,000 to cover "resignage. Our signs are gilded with gold," Martin claimed. "We've also got $6,000 of menus and other paperwork printed."

As Martin and Connolly see it, no one is likely to confuse the two institutions.

"The fact is, they have no registered office in America. They have no web site. They have an answering machine in New York," Martin said.

"That's not the case," protested bank spokeswoman Eillis O'brien in Dublin. "We are a sizable business in the States. We have a substantial fund management business and also corporate treasury.

"It is interfering with the course of our business," she insisted.

With the bank and "bank" at loggerheads, legal action seems the next step -- though mindful of Irish sensibilities, the real bank is not eager to be seen leaning on a bar.

"It's very amusing and all that," sighed O'brien. "Our bank does not want to be in litigation with a publican."

--Reprinted from the San Francisco Business Times, December 9, 1996

This is a great place for St Patrick's Day if you like crowds. A great place any other day! - the Irishlass