California Kayaking & Scuba Diving

Kayaking on San Luis Obispo Bay followed by soaking in Sycamore Springs

This is our most exciting tour!!! There are a series of arches, caves, and rock gardens that are only accessible from the water and your kayak is the best vehicle for exploring. This tour is exhilarating and at times strenuous. Your guide will instruct and assist you with a surf zone launch. Once passed the breakers you will venture along spectacular coastal vistas, kelp forests, and protected coves to dinosaur caves. This tour can be taken by the novice or experienced paddler. These caves are both intriguing and challenging, so you choose how much adventure you can handle. Our guides teach you the basic strokes and show you some of the best caves in our area. Central Coast Kayaks has offered this expedition longer than any other. Be careful you might get hooked!
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mal said...

Sycamore Springs also offers fabulous, muscle soothing massages, which includes a 30 minute soak in redwood hot tub. Kayaking is also offered at Morro Bay. The water is calmer and you can watch the sting rays swim below you.

Anonymous said...

Want to Dive while you're visiting San Diego? Here's some info to get you started.

Great conditions La Jolla Cove, epecially in close (right or left)
Boomers at La Jolla Cove
The Caves at La Jolla Cove
The Marine Room reefs
Hospital Point
Casa Cove (enter at South Casa)
Scripps Pier
...and anywhere else you might want to go!
(consider North County dive sites)
OK-but-not-great conditions The Rockpile at La Jolla Cove
maybe in closer at La Jolla Cove?
Casa Cove (if you're comfortable with the entry/exit)
The Main Wall at La Jolla Shores
The North Wall at La Jolla Shores (have a local find it for you)
Getting questionable conditions The Main Wall at La Jolla Shores
The North Wall at La Jolla Shores (have a local find it for you)
Downright bad conditions Breakfast at the Rudy's Cafe, or The Cottage, or Harry's, or John's Waffle Shop, or IHOP, or... ????

Anonymous said...

The Alcatraz Challenge

The Pacific Islanders Cultural Association and He'e Nalu o Marin Outrigger Canoe Cub invite you to the Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge, Saturday, August 5th, 2006. The Round the Rock Alcatraz Challenge is an exciting Polynesian outrigger Canoe Race where athletes and paddling clubs from around the world brave the challenging waters of San Francisco Bay. The course is exciting with ships and sea lions, yachts and windsurfers, steep chop, strong tidal currents, varying weather conditions, and chilling waters. The views of the City landmarks are spectacular and the fleet very competitive.

Anonymous said...

Point Reyes Outdoors Guided Tours

Join us for naturalist-led Sea Kayaking Tours and Nature Hikes exploring one of the last unspoiled coastlines on the west coast. We will guide you to some of the best kept secrets on the Northern California Coast.

Sea Kayaking Tours
We offer kayaking tours on Drakes Estero and Tomales Bay where wildlife encounters with bat rays, harbor seals, leopard sharks, and water fowl are common. Experience this areas rich variety of wildlife and outstanding beauty.

Nature Hikes
For those of you who don't have all day to disappear into the wilderness, but still want to experience the pristine natural beauty of the seashore, we have assembled a collection of hikes that are less than four miles in length over easy to moderate terrain. These are perfect escapes into the wild, accessible to all ability levels. Enjoy a family hike exploring tide pools, take a relaxing and educational Coast Walk, or discover the bird wildlife of one of the world's premier birding locations.

Sea Kayaking Classes
Whether you are just beginning or a seasoned pro, we have Sea Kayaking Classes and Coastal Clinics that will help you learn new skills and improve your technique. Our expert kayaking instructors offer a unique curriculum that provides a combination of ACA and BCU styles, offering a wide variety of techniques.
All our classes and clinics utilize aspects of both programs. You will receive some of the best kayaking instruction on the west coast. The combination of small class sizes and highly qualified instructors provides you with individualized attention that maximizes your learning opportunity.

Located only 20 miles north of San Francisco, Point Reyes National Seashore is a stunning wildlife park that has easily accessible wilderness adventures for all ages.

Anonymous said...

Liveaboard Scuba Diving Trips
To California Channel Islands
on Dive Boat Sand Dollar

Southern California Scuba Diving
especially California Boat Diving
is among the best in the world.
The right California Dive Boat
California diving enjoyable !

The Sand Dollar has a known reputation for great meals, and specializes in multi-day trips. With on-board Enriched Air-Nitrox fills, and with all trips including great meals, tanks and
weights, the Sand Dollar represents a real dive
value. With complete back up systems, reliability is one of the best features of our dive boat, and an experienced, professional crew is another. A history of good service and repeat business that
covers 20 years is one reason that so many divers choose the Sand Dollar for California boat diving.

Anonymous said...

Maybe these people are crazy ...

Diving With the Sharks

Isla de Guadalupe is rapidly becoming the World's Best Destination to dive with Great White Sharks. It hosts one of the most prolific populations of White Sharks on the planet. What makes Isla de Guadalupe the greatest White Shark diving destination is not only the abundance of White Sharks, but the water you will find them in! The temperature averages 65 to 70 degrees F. It is simply Shark Diver Heaven!

The island lies some 160 miles off the coast off Baja California and over 200 miles southwest of San Diego in open ocean water that has over 100 feet of visibility.

Departing from San Diego, California at 11:00 AM, returning approximately 5:00 PM. Trips run mid August through mid December (peak shark season). Trips are 5 days.

or take a day trip from San Francisco to the Farallon Islands

The Farallon Islands are located along the California coast, 26 miles west of San Francisco.

Great White Adventures is the
#1 Great White Shark Diving
Company in the USA
We find the most White Sharks
Most time underwater with White Sharks
Perfect safety record
Experienced crew
Reliable equipment
We promote Conservation and Protection
Proud corporate sponsor of the Shark Research Institute

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should also look at these guys:

Shark Diver at www.sharkdiver.com

Just one of eight other shark diving boats that operate at Isla Guadalupe.