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Hang Out at the World Famous WHISKY A GO GO

As long as there has been a Los Angeles rock scene, there has been the Whisky A Go-Go. An anchor on the Sunset Strip since it's opening in 1964, the Whisky A Go-Go has played host to rock 'n' roll's most important bands, from the Doors, Janis Joplin, and Led Zeppelin to today's up and coming new artists. Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart The Doors - Light My Fire


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'I don't know, man. What's the difference? It's The Fillmore.

On February 4, 5 & 6, 1966, Jefferson Airplane headlined at The Fillmore in Bill's first non-benefit concerts, marking the true beginning of the company. By March, the youth happenings were a media-certified phenomenon, and the police didn't like it. Bill's request for a dance hall permit in his own name was denied. On April 19, Bill was again refused a permit and on the 22nd the police, incensed by a cartoon in the previous day's San Francisco Chronicle, raided The Fillmore and arrested 14 kids. Bill joined the fracas and ended up in jail as well.

Public outrage concerning the police crackdown was registered in the newspapers and charges against Bill were formally dropped on May 24. On June 6, the Board of Permit Appeals reversed its decision and certified Bill a "dance-hall keeper." Lets take a look at what The Fillmore was like then back during those "history in the making" years.

"The greatest compliment I was ever given came at The Fillmore. It was Cream and the Butterfield Blues Band. I just happened to go into the rest room during a break. I was standing at the middle urinal when two guys came in after me, one on either side...right out of the blue, one said, 'I forgot. Who's playing here tonight?' Without batting an eyelash, the other guy said, 'I don't know, man. What's the difference? It's The Fillmore." -Bill Graham

The Fillmore represented the pinnacle of creative music making in the late 1960s. From December 10, 1965, when Bill Graham produced a San Francisco Mime Troupe benefit (Jefferson Airplane with Great Society and Mystery Trend; the Warlocks, later the Grateful Dead, kicked off the show), until July 4, 1968, The Fillmore audiences experienced a 2 1/2 year musical and cultural Renaissance that produced some of the most innovative, exciting music ever to come out of San Francisco. The careers of the Grateful Dead, the Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Moby Grape, the Butterfield Blues Band, and countless others were launched from The Fillmore stage. The most significant musical talent of the day has appeared there: Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, Cream, Howlin' Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Muddy Waters, The Who - well, you get the picture. Or you've heard the stories. If you're lucky, you were there.

A sample month of shows Bill presented at The Fillmore, August of 1967: Aug. 1-6: Muddy Waters, Buffalo Springfield, Richie Havens. Aug. 8-13: Electric Flag, with Moby Grape and Steve Miller Blues Band. Aug. 15-17: Chuck Berry and Charles Lloyd Quartet, with Steve Miller Blues Band opening. Aug. 18-19: Young Rascals and Charles Lloyd Quartet. Aug. 20-21: Count Basie Orchestra with Charles Lloyd Quartet. Aug. 22-27: Butterfield Blues Band and Cream. Aug. 29-31: Cream, Electric Flag, Gary Burton.

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Check out the Viper Room

Since its stellar opening in 1993, the world-famous Viper Room has hosted the likes of Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Stone Temple Pilots, Bruce Springsteen, Oasis, Counting Crows, Lenny Kravits, Pearl Jam, Iggy Pop, Porno For Pyros, Sandra Bernhardt, Sheryl Crow, Dennis Rodman, and Hunter S. Thompson, as well as an array of other internationally-established artists and the cult favorites of America's underground. This intimate nightclub, owned by Darin Feinstein, Bevan Cooney and Blackhawk Capital Partners, Inc. is styled in the fashion of Harlem's great jazz clubs of the 1920's.

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The Haight Ashbury Flower Power Walking Tour is your backstage pass to the coolest area in the universe! Stroll through the cosmic history of it all, from rock and roll to art, fashion and architecture, this fantastic walking adventure gives you a real insight to the mysterious draw of the Haight-Ashbury!

The tour is approximately 60% hippy history and 40% general neighborhood history and architecture, but it’s always 100% ‘far-out’ fun! Sauntering along the same side streets and alley ways that Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell and countless others edged their marks into the collective creativity of the 20th century!

Approximately 12 blocks are covered and the ending point is about 2 blocks from the point of origin. A poetic and symbolic act of retracing the footsteps of so many, returning back to yourself with greater understanding and knowledge.

Join us every Tuesday and Saturday at 9:30am!

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