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Shop with the musical geniuses on Haight Street, San Francisco

Born in 1990 in Berkeley, California, Amoeba Music is inspired by many of the great independent record stores. We stock everything -- from the most popular artists to the most obscure in all genres -- including jazz, international folk and popular music, roots music, classical music, all kinds of rock and soul music, just to name a few of the most obvious categories. Our staff is an all-star team of record store veterans who make music their lives in one way or another. Many are musicians themselves and their collective depth of knowledge is virtually unparalleled in the business. Amoeba Music started at a time when huge chain stores were mercilessly swallowing up smaller chains and independent stores, depriving many communities across the country of the opportunity to have a personal connection with their music retailers and a chance to find music other than what the major labels wanted them to see. Since opening on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, it became amply apparent that the community greatly appreciates our style. We focus on customer service first and foremost, with a knowledgeable staff who understand how important our customers' relationship with their music is. San Francisco and Los Angeles obviously deserve a similar resource, and since we truly love those places too, we decided to bring our show down the road and set up giant big-city sized versions of our store in easy-to-get-to locations. So far, everybody seems to LOVE having us in the mix!
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